Organic And Plastic Neutral Makeup

I have been a fan of mineral makeup for over 16 years. I feel good about wearing mineral makeup as it offers a natural makeup look! A few years ago, I had the opportunity to try Inika Organic. I love how lightweight and gentle the makeup is! The colors are so beautiful and customizable. 

Inika Organic is not only organic, but now the world’s first certified Plastic Neutral makeup brand.

Organic And Plastic Neutral Makeup
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It has been a few years since I have tried Inika Organic. I still use the makeup as well! Since then, I have noticed the packaging has changed. I am not too thrilled with the packaging of the foundation and setting powder but since it’s plastic neutral, I cannot complain too much. 

Plastic Neutral Skincare

Inika Organic was kind enough to send me a few items from their skincare line, including Phytofuse Renew Cream Cleanser and the Phytofuse Renew Day Cream

Plastic Neutral Skincare Cleanser and Day Cream

I had no idea what to expect with the Phytofuse Renew Cream Cleanser and was pleasantly surprised when I saw it included a silicone brush head! I love that I can gently cleanse and massage my skin! The product also has an open and close option, which probably helps prevent the cleanser from leaking when not in use. 

Using the Phytofuse Renew Cream Cleanser is so gentle on my skin. It doesn’t suds up. It’s more of a creamy feel. You only need a small dab! 

It is also important to note that the cleanser is housed in a sustainable, sugarcane derived recyclable bio-resin tube.

No matter what, I always use a moisturizer! Moisturizer keeps my skin soft, supple, and hydrated. The Phytofuse Renew Day Cream is lightweight on my skin. There is no greasy feeling after applying the cream! I can easily wear it under my makeup!

The Phytofuse Renew Day Cream leaves my skin looking healthy and happy! 

Plastic Neutral Makeup 

When I went to unpack the makeup, it was a bit messy and confusing as to how to dispense and use the product. First, you have to remove the sticker seal and as you do that, you lose product! The lid itself doesn’t have a flat surface to swirl the powder in the lid! I just feel a little awkward trying to dispense the product. 

Mineral makeup is natural, lightweight, and gentle on your skin.

Plastic Neutral Makeup Foundation, Setting Powder, Illuminisor

I was running out of foundation, so I wanted to try the Loose Mineral Foundation SPF 25. Inika Organic makes it easy to find the right shade! 

Have you tried organic makeup?

Wearing Inika Organic Loose Mineral Foundation SPF 25

The Loose Mineral Foundation SPF 25 is the perfect shade for me. It offers a natural looking coverage. 

After applying the all natural mineral makeup foundation, I follow up with the Mineral Setting Powder. The setting powder can be doubled as a primer and used under your makeup and after your foundation to help set your look. Both the foundation and setting powder are lightweight powders. 

The setting powder helps control shine all day long. 

After setting my look, I then add the Baked Mineral Illuminisor for a natural glow! I love using a highlight to help brighten my look! 

The illuminisor is very light without making me feel like a strobe light. It definitely adds a radiant glow! Apply the illuminisor in the corner of your eyes, under your brows, nose, and cheekbones. 

Quad Eyeshadow Palettes and Lip & Cheek Cream

The Lip & Cheek Cream is so much fun to use when I want a little color! This glides on easily when applied to your lips and cheeks. It can also be used on your eyes but I haven’t tried that yet. Knowing this is an organic makeup product, I feel even better using this on my skin.

The little container is perfect for on-the-go touch ups as needed. 

I received the Quad Eyeshadow Palette in Flowers and Wind. My first time using the Quad Eyeshadow in Flowers did not create a favorite look. The second time I tried the palette, I switched up how I used the colors and it looks so much better! So, if you don’t like the first look, keep trying! You can easily create a look that works for you!

Plastic neutral makeup is the future!

Quad Eyeshadow in Wind

My favorite is the Quad Eyeshadow in Wind. This is a neutral palette and I love it. I usually don’t like nudes and neutrals but this one is definitely a favorite! 

Are you ready for a plastic neutral makeup brand? Inika Organic offers a variety of products you can feel good about using. Their makeup will help keep your look all day or night long. My look lasts until I remove it at night! 

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