My Vacuum Has Headlights

My Vacuum Has HeadlightsBeauty Brite Disclosure

When my husband and I first got married, we replaced our hand-me-down vacuum with the expensive “no loss of suction vacuum.†We did it because we wanted a powerful vacuum and not worry about replacing vacuum bags. Fast forward about 8 or 9 years and we find we need to replace the expensive vacuum! However, this time around, we don’t have the hundreds of dollars to buy the expensive vacuum. Thankfully, there was an alternative to the expensive vacuum. There is another “no loss of suction vacuum†on the market and I bought the Shark Navigator Lift-Away Vacuum. I am very happy with the Shark Navigator and so thankful there is an alternative.

Fast forward to the present, I even tried a few other upright and handheld vacuums from the other brand. I love them but the biggest one was too big and heavy, especially for our small apartment. I ended up giving it away to my husband’s co-worker. These days, I want a simple, lightweight vacuum that is easy to maneuver.

Shark Rocket DeluxePro

Meet the Shark Rocket DeluxePro!

I actually saw the Shark Rocket DeluxePro on QVC and had to have it! I love how lightweight and easy to use it looked. I also admired the headlights!

Of course, there are many products that may not live up to what they say on television, right?

Could the Shark Rocket DeluxePro work as great as they said on QVC?

When my Shark Rocket DeluxePro arrived, I could not wait to assemble and start using it! This vacuum is definitely lightweight as it is only about 9 pounds! I can easily use it as a handheld with no strain on my arm and hand. I like to use the handheld to clean our mattress, couch and many other surfaces. My son leaves crumbs everywhere and it is super easy to use the handheld to pick up the crumbs.

We may not have pets but we do have a messy little boy! He leaves messes everywhere. The Shark Rocket DeluxePro keeps up with our busy life!

I adore the headlights! There are headlights on the vacuum and when you use the handheld option! The headlights come in handy when cleaning. We live in an apartment and not every room has natural light or even the brightest lighting.

Shark Rocket DeluxePro attachments

You can use the vacuum on multiple surfaces including carpet, bare floors and rugs. There are two cleaning settings. The first setting allows you to gently clean bare floors and rugs while the second setting allows for deep cleaning of your carpets.

The vacuum is money saving in that you no longer need to buy replacement filters. Just wash them! I plan on washing them once a month or so.

No need to worry about replacing vacuum bags. The vacuum is bagless. Just empty the dust cup! I empty the cup after every use!

I am in love with my Shark Rocket DeluxePro! I can clean quickly without the strain!

You can purchase the Shark Rocket DeluxePro at Walmart, Target, Best Buy, Amazon or QVC!

You can connect with Shark on their website, Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

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  1. I know this sounds weird but even in the daytime,the light comes in handy for under the GS and dark corners

  2. Carmen Rudnick says

    Shark is an awesome brand! I dream of owning one some day.

  3. Sarah Scott says

    Mine Looks a little different then this one, but I love my Shark!

  4. This sounds wonderful, but I have 3 cats that she’d, and am only able to lift 5lbs, per Doctors orders, I wonder if they have a lighter weight option ?

  5. Darbie Brown says

    Great review, I want a Shark even more now, gotta get to saving some money I guess.

  6. Amber Ludwig says

    Lol!! Super fun!! I love that it has a low profile and is light!!

  7. My boys would laugh at this. My 4 year already loves to vacuum add lights and he wouldn’t stop haha. I love shark. Affordable and reliable.

  8. I entered to win one of these earlier today and now I *really* hope I get lucky.

  9. Shark products are awesome,I jut got the steamer they make for floors,and I love it! Bet the vaccum is great too

  10. Sherry Fram says

    Great review! I have a Shark stick vacuum that I use in my travel trailer that is awesome!

  11. I want one of these!

  12. violet taylor says

    gah! i need a new vacuum and i dont have a big budget, i dont want to get a crappy one that will die…

  13. I s9o want to win this 🙂 awesome orize

  14. fran brooks says

    this would be so handy

  15. My current vacuum is a hand vac. And I have cats. I really need a new vacuum.

  16. I currently have one of those expensive vac that salesmen sell, I don’t have bags to empty but I have to empty the water container. The bad part is I have 3 lab dogs so they leave tons of hair that have to be emptied out. I Think this would be a better way to go.

  17. I’d so like to own one of these ,sharks products are fantastic

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