Heavy-Weight Cleaning At Your Fingertips

Heavy-Weight Cleaning At Your FingertipsBeauty Brite Disclosure

My husband and I have been married for over 13 years now and through the years, we’ve gone through a few vacuums. The very first vacuum we purchased together was the name brand “no loss of suction vacuum†that was several hundred dollars! That vacuum lasted us about 8 or 9 years. When it came time to buy a new one, I did not have the several hundred dollars to spend, so I opted for the Shark Navigator Lift-Away Vacuum. Compared to using the other brand, the Shark Navigator was so much lighter and easier to maneuver in a small apartment. As apartment dwellers, we don’t have space to spare for huge vacuums!

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My Vacuum Has Headlights

My Vacuum Has HeadlightsBeauty Brite Disclosure

When my husband and I first got married, we replaced our hand-me-down vacuum with the expensive “no loss of suction vacuum.†We did it because we wanted a powerful vacuum and not worry about replacing vacuum bags. Fast forward about 8 or 9 years and we find we need to replace the expensive vacuum! However, this time around, we don’t have the hundreds of dollars to buy the expensive vacuum. Thankfully, there was an alternative to the expensive vacuum. There is another “no loss of suction vacuum†on the market and I bought the Shark Navigator Lift-Away Vacuum. I am very happy with the Shark Navigator and so thankful there is an alternative.

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