My Daughter’s Favorite Monthly Box Subscription

My Daughter’s Favorite Monthly Box Subscription - Doki Doki by Japan Crate
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My Daughter’s Favorite Monthly Box Subscription My Daughter’s Favorite Monthly Box Subscription

Both of my daughters are absolutely smitten with all things that come from Japanese culture. They love it all — reading manga, anime, clothing, candy and food, plush toys, and household goods like bowls and chopsticks.

My younger daughter, in her mid teens, is also pretty into Japanese and Korean music. I do not pretend to know anything about this music genre, but I love that she loves it. Anytime these music groups are featured on television I always make sure she knows so that we can watch it together.

Since I know very little about Japanese culture, I love that monthly box subscriptions exist. You can find such a service for a wide variety of interests. Personally, I love yarn. I’m an avid knitter and crocheter. So, I love trying out new monthly yarn clubs.

Japan Crate monthly subscription boxes are a great way to learn about all things Japanese. They offer several monthly box options with unique themes to choose from.

My older daughter used to subscribe to the original Japan Crate subscription. Every month when the box came in the mail, she and her little sister would have a “girl’s night” in her room to open the box. It was so fun to hear them giggling and exclaiming over all the neat snacks, candies, drinks, and other small items. Sometimes, they’d invite me to come in and try a few things along with them, which was always fun.

I didn’t realize that Japan Crate offered other kinds of subscription boxes. They offer, I think, five different ones, each with a different theme. The Doki Doki Crate features carefully curated kawaii (Japanese culture of cuteness), usually 5-6 items ranging from household goods to plushies, apparel, travel accessories and more.

My Daughter’s Favorite Monthly Box Subscription - Doki Doki by Japan Crate
Doki Doki by Japan Crate – Oct. 2019 monthly box contents.


The October 2019 box included five items:

A package of nine melamine sponges shaped like ghosts.

Halloween Cat Washi Tape

Kuromi Spoon

My Melody & Kuromi Bowl

Pumpkin Shiba Plushie


I mean, every single item we pulled out of the Doki Doki box was cuter than the one before, and it was super fun that even though this is a Japanese curation box that it was themed after the American holiday of Halloween.

Doki Doki by Japan Crate - Pumpkin Shiba Plushie
Pumpkin Shiba Plushie

I have no idea if Japan has a holiday similar to Halloween, so I did a little Google search and learned that Japan does celebrate Halloween. This fairly new custom began after Tokyo Disneyland began hosting Halloween-themed events in the late 1990’s. Very cool that I learned something new today!

Doki Doki by Japan Crate - My Melody & Kuromi Bowl and Kuromi Spoon
My Melody & Kuromi Bowl and Kuromi Spoon
Doki Doki by Japan Crate - Melamine ghost-shaped sponges
Melamine ghost-shaped sponges

I thought I’d share how my daughter is displaying a couple of the Doki Doki Crate items:

She is a complete nut about plush toys and little figurines. She’s got a ton of them! The Pumpkin Shiba Plushie is prominently displayed on the desk in her bedroom right next to one of her other favorites, Garfield.

My Daughter’s Favorite Monthly Box Subscription - Doki Doki by Japan Crate
Pumpkin Shiba Plushie

Currently she is using the My Melody & Kuromi Bowl on her desk next to her computer to hold small items like lip balm, a bracelet, and a few hair bands. But, she often changes up how her desk is organized, so she may decide later to wash it and use it to hold chips or M&Ms or something to snack on while watching videos on her phone, or something.

Doki Doki by Japan Crate -- My Melody & Kuromi Bowl on daughter's desk
My Melody & Kuromi Bowl on daughter’s desk

I think I would be interested in trying the Japan Crate Kira Kira box, which includes Japanese beauty products. My daughters both love Japanese noodles, so the UMAI box might be great for them as Christmas or Birthday gifts because it features different kinds of Japanese noodles, a recipe card, and different garnishes every month.

Check out all of the Japan Crate monthly box subscription options. They’re all awesome! Each one is shipped from Japan to your home, with free worldwide shipping included.

Also, worth a mention, Japan Crate’s website contains an online store, Sogoi Mart, where you might find many items available for sale. Definitely worth checking out!

Which Japan Crate box subscription would you be most interested to try, or which one would you love to gift to a friend or loved one?

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