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Keeping healthy is vital to help fight against bacterias and viruses that may cause health compromising issues. A strong immune system is important, especially now during our current social climate. Investing in health boosting supplements can strengthen your bodies self defense and boost your well-being.

Hemp Wellness

Why use hemp as a beneficial supplement to improve your health? Overall, hemp is great to maintain your well-being. When your body is not producing enough endocannabinoids, it can cause a slew of issues that can throw off your body’s balance. The end result, you feel ‘sick‘ and ‘sluggish‘.

The human endocannabinoid system helps regulate a variety of bodily functions. The endocannabinoids help maintain our pain receptors, mood, memory, stress, metabolism, appetite, sleep, immune & reproductive system. So why not keep it in check by using hemp supplements?


  • Sustainably grown.
  • 3rd party lab tested.
  • Good business practice.
  • Hand-pressed and lipid infused. 
  • Whole plant-based oil.
  • Seed to bottle quality controlled.
  • cGMP Certified.
  • Gluten-Free.
  • Non-GMO.
  • Organic.
  • Dye, sulfate, fragrance, parabens & phthalate free.

Synchronicity has an array of oral and topical full spectrum hemp oil supplements that help balance your overall wellness. Hemp oil is great for your skin, mood changes, joint pain and even sleep patterns. Synchronicity has amazing high quality hemp products that all have been sustainably farmed & gently hand pressed. A difference in quality your body will notice.

Synchronicity body butter hands down has to be my favorite hemp body butter I have used to date. Synchronicity body butter is very creamy and absorbs quickly into your skin. It has worked wonders on my eczema and has reduced the amount of tiny bumps on my arms from keratosis pilaris. My arms look and feel smooth. I have no doubts after one more week of daily use, the appearance of the keratosis will officially be gone!

Synchronicity capsules and tinctures are a great way to add a boost of wellness to your daily regimen. After two weeks of faithfully taking hemp oil capsules and Synchronicity full-spectrum hemp oil 1000mg tincture I noticed a couple of changes to my daily functions.

The most notable change was my ease of falling asleep. I noticed I was falling asleep faster and staying asleep throughout the evening. This really helped me function throughout the day because I was well rested. I also began massaging the Synchronicity body oil into my knees daily which helped make my chronic knee pain manageable. Overall the appearance of my skin looked healthier, my knee pain was under control and I was well rested. This made me a happier mamma, and my kids were the first to notice the up lift in my mood.

Essential Vitamin Supplements

Vitamin supplements are great way to build up your body’s defense system. They are considered essential nutrients that perform hundreds of roles that help your body function at peak performance. Without vitamins, our bodies couldn’t convert fat to energy, repair cellular damage or properly carry out basic bodily functions, such as thinking.

Spectra Spray is an innovative vitamin spray made with high quality nutrients. The ease of use of Spectra Spray vitamins is a convenient way to take your vitamins daily. To actually remember to take your vitamins is the crucial first step in boosting your immune system. Spectra Spray comes in a slender spray tube that can fit just about anywhere! So there is no reason to forget about taking your vitamins since you can have a constant visual reminder in your pocket or purse.

Spectra Spray was kind enough to offer Beauty Brite readers an extra 20% off with coupon code WELL20.

To take a full dose, simply shake your Spectra Spray bottle and spray the inside of each cheek 2 times ( a total of 4 pumps). Wait a few seconds for maximum absorption and then spray the inside of each of your cheeks for a second dosage. A full dose will be equivalent to 4 pumps on the inside of each cheek. This form of administration is highly effective, and it is great for individuals who struggle with swallowing large pills or even have bariatric issues.

  • No binders, fillers or common allergens
  • Vegan
  • No artificial colors or dyes
  • Gluten & GMO free
  • Sugar Free (Diabetic Safe)
  • TSA compliant
  • Made in U.S.A

Spectra Spray price ranges from $19.95-$22.95 USD each with the exception of the CBD Oral Spray that retails $49.95 USD each.

Spectra Spray vitamins has an absorption rate of 90%! That is 4-5x better than any other form of vitamin intake. Since Spectra Spray vitamins are administered to the inside of your cheek, the nutrients are absorbed into the oral mucosa, which is a membrane inside of your mouth. This allows the essential nutrients to travel directly into the bloodstream bypassing the digestive system. The nutrients inside of each Spectra Spray bottle are already broken down, so that means they are ready to be absorbed as soon you spray the inside of your cheeks.

What steps have you taken to make sure your body’s natural defense system is running properly?

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