Moms: Self-Care Is Important too

Moms Self-Care Is Important too

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I am that type of mom who never takes a moment for herself. My to-do list is a mile long and I don’t know if I will ever meet the end of it. Self-care is certainly not on that list anywhere. Somedays feel like they are never going to end. Add 4 toddlers into the mix and it is a daunting task to accomplish even the simplest of things. As moms, we forget to tend to our self-care needs. You know the needs that extend beyond a quick shower, the leftovers our children didn’t eat from their lunch plate, and our for the third time reheated cup of coffee.

Another issue with being the Mom is that in every single aspect we put ourselves last. We forget about ourselves and how crucial self-care can be when it comes to those around and especially when it comes to spending money on ourselves. If you are anything at all like me, it takes 5 seconds to convince myself that it is perfectly acceptable to spend $10 on my children’s baby wash but it takes me days to convince myself that it is acceptable to spend $5 on my own body wash. I have the money. I am not lacking, I just prefer to save where ever I can which means cutting corners on the items I actually need or want. Clearance Rack? That’s me. Mega Sales Event? You’ll find me there and probably with a coupon if possible. 7th Heaven, however, makes it possible to treat yourself to a little bit of luxury while on the go AND without spending a lot of money in the process.

Self-care is one of the most important things you need to survive motherhood.

As the saying goes, you cannot pour from an empty cup and for motherhood, this is so true. As mothers we are expected to take care of the house, the kids, pay the bills, plan for next weeks dry cleaning, get the dog to the groomer, make sure dinner is on the table and that next week’s science project isn’t completed at the last minute.

So mom to mom – I am encouraging you to sit down and take a moment to yourself. Or keep on going on but let 7th Heaven’s easy face masks to allow you the luxury of a simple facial on a mom-approved budget.

7th Heaven Peel Off Masks


I was given the opportunity to try 4 different 7th Heaven’s Peel off facemasks, and because they peel off, it is even easier to keep up with my kids while wearing the mask or even if I just want to plop down and finally catch up with the latest episode of my favorite television show. There is no worry of watching the timer or even washing the mask off.

  • 7th Heaven’s Pink Guava Peel – Off Mask both purifies and refines pores. This face mask is packed with Vitamin C, Antioxidants, Mangosteen fruit as to fight against pesky breakouts, Guava Fruit to improve skin tone as well as dark spots, AND the action of peeling off the mask removes dead skin cells and other impurities. Usually, I am not one to lean towards grapefruit products as they tend to stink but 7th Heavens Pink Guava Peel does not disappoint!
  • 7th Heaven’s Coconut + Clay Peel – Off both cleanses your skin as well as provides moisture through coconut oil and seaweed. This stuff smells amazing and for someone such as myself who suffers from dry skin, this is a must to keep on standby!
  • 7th Heavens Dead Sea + Clay Peel Off uses to clay to cleanse your skin but with the peeling off action, dead sea minerals, and the soothing properties of seaweed, you are left with perfectly purified pores! Yay for eliminated blackheads and smaller pores.
  • 7th Heaven Charcoal + Black Sugar Peel – Off is made up of black charcoal, crushed black sugar, and pressed witch hazel. This trio gives the perfect exfoliation for your skin and helps revitalizes, hydrates, and smoothes your skin. I really like to use 7th Heaven’s Charcoal and Black Sugar Peel – Off mask when I am having a really bad skin week. I am talking pre-teen acne and blackheads galore.

You can find most of 7th Heaven’s peel off masks at your local Ulta Beauty store.

7th Heaven makes self-care EASY for busy moms.

If skin care isn’t your idea of self-care, that’s okay too! Just take a moment and catch up with your thoughts, or zone everything out. Fill up a wine glass with your favorite wine, relax in a hot tub with bubbles and enjoy this simple pleasure. Pick up your favorite book and curl up in your favorite nook and read a few chapters. Leave the mess of today for later. Self-care shows up in many ways. Find the best way that works for you.

If you read all of this because you enjoyed the “Corks are For Quitters Wine Glass”, you can find it HERE along with several other funny wine glasses. Find humor in all areas of life. A smile looks great on you.

Have you tried any of 7th Heaven’s Peel Off Masks before?

What is your best advice for moms looking to incorporate more self-care into their routine?

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  1. Ondria Witt says

    It is so true that we as moms need to make time for self-care. I am so guilty of not getting my hair cut, letting my nails get to the point to where they look bad, and not unplugging from my devices b/c I’m overly concerned with working every spare minute I have. Not to mention, running myself ragged taking care of my kids, who I adore. Something has to give! Also, that wine glass is everything! Where did you get it? Your post has inspired me to pick up a few of these face masks and make some ‘me time.’

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