Make Your Relationship Sizzle This Holiday Season

Make Your Relationship Sizzle This Holiday Season
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Dark, dreary, early sunset winter evenings can be a drag for those of us who crave sunlight and bright afternoon warm breezes. Let me insert a little warmth into your evenings with K-Y Love Couples Pleasure Gels.

I’m not one to speak outside the bedroom, so don’t expect any tips or tricks to spice up your love life here. But, I can tell you that sometimes (in every relationship) things can get a little dull, lackluster, and boring. Repetitive. Redundant. Need I say more?

We’ve all been there. You might take this as a little bug in your ear to consider as a gift for your honey this holiday season. These lubricants would make great stocking stuffers (or private gifts to be opened behind closed doors, if you have kids).

Make Your Relationship Sizzle This Holiday SeasonIn our 22 years of marriage, my husband and I have occasionally utilized intimate enhancers of many kinds. Romance games, gels and lubricants, and pretty lingerie mainly. Normally my husband is the one to introduce these kinds of items in our relationship. I’m game to try new things, but am self-conscious when bringing the subject up myself.

He was pleasantly surprised, for once, for me to be the one to offer up an opportunity to try something new. Well, pleasantly surprised is a bit understated. His reaction more closely resembled giddiness, I suppose.

With him busy at work and me busy at home with the kids’ school and running them all over for their extra-curricular activities, the house and writing for Beauty Brite… well, we’re both busy, to sum it up. By the time I get dinner on the table every night, I am tired and just want to relax. He feels the same way. The thought of more activity, no matter how pleasurable it may be, isn’t always something I have the energy to consider.

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We enjoyed everything about these products, from the attractive packaging to the enjoyable scent. We will definitely be using these again.

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You can find K-Y Love Couples Pleasure Gels on Amazon, Walmart and Walgreens.

Disclaimer: I was provided with the above pictured products for free to facilitate a review. No other compensation was received. All opinions are 100% my own.

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