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When it comes to travel-friendly products, you want to stand out in a good way. You want your product to be useful without taking up too much space. But you also want it to be memorable. Have a found the hairbrush that checks off all of these boxes? I think so! Check out our review of the Milk + Sass Macaron Hairbrush ($12.99), which is a detangle brush and compact mirror. 

Milk + Sass front of packaging
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Macron Hairbrush Review

I have to start by stating that my hair is thick. I’m talking, going through four blowdryers in two years because my hair keeps breaking it, thick. I also deal with knotted hair quite a bit, which is why most of my brushes are detanglers. 

For starters, these look like macarons! They’re adorable. The Macaron hairbrush is a bit bulky, but they can still fit in your purse – as long as it’s a normal size purse. If you use a tiny purse for going out at night, this is not going to fit. But everyday bags for work or school, it will. These would look cute sitting on a vanity or as decoration in your bathroom.

Because I do have super thick hair, this brush can get a little difficult to use. I have to brush smaller pieces of my hair to get all of the knots out. For me, this is not a deal-breaker. I hardly notice anymore that I have to grab smaller chunks of my hair when brushing it.

The attached mirror on the Macaron hairbrush is perfect for taking a look at your makeup or when you need to apply products like mascara or lip gloss. Is it necessary? No, but it’s nice to have.

Milk + Sass Macaron Hairbrush
Milk + Sass Macaron Hairbrush Side View
Milk + Sass Macaron Hairbrush bristles
Milk + Sass Macaron Hairbrush bristles side view
Milk + Sass Macaron Hairbrush Mirror

Travel-Friendly Products

What I enjoy the most is how travel-friendly they are. I don’t pack light, so these do fit nicely in my everyday bag and my makeup bag. Keep in mind that because I don’t carry a ton of products, something this size can fit in there.

Overall Thoughts

The product is cute and does an excellent job of detangling my hair. Is this the next must-have hair product? No. However, this is a great product that does its job – without any pain for me. Also, it looks cute and chic on my vanity. For the price, which is $12.99, it’s worth ordering and trying it out. It’s affordably-priced for a travel-size product, and it works great. If I paid for this item at a local store like ULTA, I would be keeping it.

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