Easy Luxe Repair For Damaged Hair

Easy Luxe Repair For Damaged Hair - Ayur Luxe Hair Care
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Easy Luxe Repair For Damaged Hair Easy Luxe Repair For Damaged Hair

Winter is hard on hair. Mine gets dry and more susceptible to damage and flyaways. Hair care products that provide deep moisturization and damage repair help make my long, thick hair easier to live with.

Ayur Luxe is helping me keep my hair looking great as we head into winter with its deep moisturizing Ayurveda hair care line. It’s reducing the instances of frizz and flyaway so that dealing with my hair doesn’t make me crazy.

Easy Luxe Repair For Damaged Hair - Ayur Luxe Hair Care

Jojoba Oil, Coconut Oil, Castor Oil, and Shea Butter infused with 9 raw Ayurvedic herbs form the basis of the Ayur Luxe hair care line. These ingredients will help to moisturize and repair damaged hair, reduce flyaways and breakage, and reduce hair shedding that many of us experience.

It feels like a luxurious treat as I apply the Ayur Luxe Damage Control Hair Rehab Mask. And the light scent almost makes me feel like I’m getting a salon treatment, but the best part is I can do it at home without the high price tag of a professional salon hair appointment.

The five-star treatment continues once I step out of the shower with Ayur Luxe Damage Control Leave-In Conditioner. Having long hair means that brushing through it when it’s wet can be a very frustrating experience. Because of this, applying a moisturizing hair care product is absolutely necessary in order to be able to detangle wet hair so that I can easily dry and style it.

Another thing I deal with is hair shedding. It’s been a life-long issue. I lose a lot of hair every day. Interestingly, it never seems to be noticeable. But, removing hair from my brush daily is necessary. Since beginning to use Ayur Luxe products, there seems to be less hair shedding. I can only surmise that the nourishing effects must mean that there is less hair breakage.

No matter how well my hair is taken care of, since it’s long the ends need extra care to keep them from looking dry, damaged and to keep tangles that make brushing an awful experience to a minimum. Just a tiny drop or two of Ayur Luxe Raw Herb Hair Treatment Oil rubbed between my fingers and lightly applied to the ends add the extra bit of nourishing moisture that I need to keep my hair in the best shape possible.

Easy Luxe Repair For Damaged Hair - Ayur Luxe Hair Care

These products are so good that you will not need to use much at all to reap the rewards you desire. Truly, less is more when using Ayur Luxe. For my long hair I use about a tablespoon of the hair rehab mask, about a dime size dollop of leave-in conditioner, and 2-3 drops of the hair treatment oil. And, honestly, I could probably use a little less than those amounts the more I use it because they are helping repair and prevent further hair damage.

This is a great hair care line for people who have dry damaged hair, but also for those who have over-processed hair or who spend a lot of time at the beach or pool in the summer and deal with hair damage from environmental elements or chemicals in pool water.

How damaged is your hair? Which Ayur Luxe product do you think would help your hair look its best?

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