Last Minute Gift Guide for the Female in Your Life

Last Minute Gift Guide for the Female in Your Life

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Every Christmas, Birthday, Holiday, etc I get stuck in the rut of what to buy the female in my life? Mothers, Aunts, Grandmother, Sister in laws, etc. Honestly, I probably just over think it all which is exactly why I am writing a go-to gift guide to let you know what items I feel like are an easy solution for the impossible giftee.

For the sake of this post, I am including items that I have used in my gift basket however you are free to use whatever items you feel better suit the recipient of your gift(s). Everyone has their own tastes so definitely feel free to change things up. This gift guide is also pretty suitable for any age. Young girls to older women. Switch up designs, scents, brands, etc to accommodate the age.


Footsac and Luna Weighted Blanket




You can NEVER go wrong with gifting blankets I feel like. Blankets are just a given when it comes to a gift guide that involves females. Throw blankets, comforters, bed sheets, etc. I know that snuggling up with a warm blanket is one of my absolute favorite things to do. In my gift basket to my mother, I included the Footsac Blanket in Eskimo Swirl Phur from Lovesac. I chose the Footsac Blanket because it has foot pockets to stick your feet in and because it is super soft/warm. For my sister in law, however, I know she suffers from a little bit of anxiety at times so in her gift basket I gave her the Luna 15lb weighted blanket in the color grey. Weighted blankets have been gaining popularity lately in media as well as the mental health society and I just know, she is going to really benefit from the Luna Weighted Blanket.



Avon Iconic Collection


Beauty Products

Beauty products are always a given when it comes to gift guides for the females as well. Whether the beauty product relates to skin care, make up, hair care, etc. The choices are endless so this is really something you will have to pick and personalize for the woman you plan to give the gift to. My mother hasn’t messed around with makeup in what feels like years but I wanted to give her a great variety of products while still respecting her “newbie” status. Avon has a great Iconic collection for the holidays that includes makeup that is perfect for any age. The Avon Iconic Collection has really tried to stick to the classic look of makeup while still providing a formula as well as colors that are popular with the current beauty trends. Whether you are searching for blush, highlight, eyeshadow palettes or even lipstick, you cannot go wrong with the Avon Iconic Collection released for the holidays. My favorite part of the iconic collection is the Avon True Color Mistletoe Kisses which is a tin full of sample sized lipsticks. This tin is an instant reminder of my childhood when my grandmother would spend Saturday mornings fulfilling the Avon orders she had sold the week prior that needed to be delivered. I used to play in the sample lipsticks and being 8 years old, I just felt like I was the hottest thing so I really enjoyed how Avon added this little feature into their Iconic Collection.


Sally Hansen Insta-dri Crayola Metallic


Another easy beauty item to throw in is Nail Polish. I feel like this is a pretty neutral item that fits all ages. Painting one’s nails is even easier with Sally Hansens Insta Dri Nail Polish. The Sally Hansen Crayola line is perfect for all ages as well, especially since the Crayola Metallics line has recently been released! Toddler, pre-teen, young woman, middle-aged, it doesn’t matter because there is a color for everyone in the Sally Hansen Crayola collection! 60 seconds and it is dry. Perfect for an on the go or even as a starter polish for someone younger in age. Plus the colors are fun as well as on point with todays fashion trends.


White Diamond Perfume


Scented Items

I also like to throw in a scented item. Whether it be a candle, perfume, room sprays, body wash, etc. Something about tying it all together with a scented item makes the gift that much more heartfelt or thought out. In the gift basket, I have imaged, I threw in a bottle of White Diamond Perfume as it is one of my mother’s favorite perfumes. It is definitely an acquired scent but it truly suits her and I know she is going to love that it is included with her gift. Elizabeth Taylor’s White Diamond perfume can be found at Kohls, Macy’s, Walmart, and most stores that sell perfumes.

It is so easy to put any of the above items together as a gift for the female in your life regardless of age. A blanket, mug, and candle? Done. Perfume, Blanket, Make up? Done!

What items do you think would be a great addition to this gift guide?

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