Keeping Your Little One’s Busy In Quarantine

Keeping Your Little One's Busy In Quarantine
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I don’t think I ever expected for the situation with the pandemic to ever exist, (of course I guess one never does.) Now comes the question, with four little children under the age of eight, how are you keeping your little one’s busy in quarantine? Keep reading to find out so fun ways we are staying busy and keeping safe while staying at home.

Keeping your little one’s busy!

One of our favorite things to do is spend time outside, and since the parks are closed that means we have been spending time in our own yard. I have spent time thinking of something that would be fun, and keep them busy for a while, when I discovered a new idea floating around Facebook. All you need is some chalk and some masking tape.

It’s a simple idea, find some space on your sidewalk or even a wooden fence. Tape off a big rectangle, then tape off different sections of your rectangle to make different shapes. Then have your little one’s color the inside. When they are finished simply remove the tape and you have a beautiful mosaic! It’s so simple and builds teamwork. Take a look at how ours turned out.

Tape Outline
Fill In
Teamwork Coloring
Removing Tape
Finished Chalk Mosaic

Now after a day filled with sunshine what could be better then family time under the stars? Our family loves all things scary and spooky. Anything that involves, wizards, werewolves, and anything supernatural is right up our ally. So when we came across the game Wizards & Werewolves we knew this was our game. This is the perfect way of keeping your little ones busy.

So here’s what it’s all about. There are two teams Wizards and Werewolves. If you’re a werewolf you want to protect your Alpha and turn the wizards into teammates. If you’re a wizard you need to keep away from those pesky werewolves, find crystals and keep your teammates safe using spells to heal them! This game is so much fun and really uses the power of imagination! Take a peek at how fun this game is.

This game is so much fun, it left our evening full of smiles and giggles. Are you interested in getting your own Wizards & Werewolves? Be sure to visit their website, Facebook, or Instagram.

Wizards & Werewolves

With the wold in so much chaos families have refocused on family time. Making sure to make the most of this time together and making special memories that are sure to last for years to come. No more taking the family time for granted. When the world opens back up, let’s make sure to make the world a place filled with more love and smiles.

What are some ways you’re keeping your little one’s busy in quarantine?


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