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Jewel bakery & Cafe

Jewel’s Gluten Free Bakery & Cafe is one of the best bakery and cafes I have ever been to. In today’s world everyone is concerned with where the food comes from. The reasons vary from dietary restrictions, food intolerance, personal preference and more. People are more aware of what is in their food and how it is prepared. Some are trying to teach a farm to table lifestyle to their children or grandchildren. But one of the wants and needs of people is to be gluten-free while at the same time not sacrificing taste. And you can have that at Jewel’s Bakery & Café. They just created a new menu showcasing some delicious eats so head on over to 40th Street and Thomas road to try them out. While you are there make sure to mention the code New Menu, but you’ll have to move fast as the discount is good this week only to help celebrate Gluten-Free Day. Also, January 13th is Gluten-Free Day, so make sure you stop on by and try their delicious treats.

Visit Jewel’s Gluten Free Bakery & Cafe at 4041 E Thomas RD. Phoenix AZ 85018

Monday – Thursday 7am – 3 pm
Friday – 7 am – 7 pm
Saturday and Sunday 8 am – 3 pm

[602] 714 – 5243

Julie Moreno is a wife and mother to six beautiful children. As every mother, Julie only wants the best for her family. When her daughter, Sophia, became ill she was ready to do everything and anything to make her better. When it was discover Sophia had a food allergy, specifically gluten, Julie sprang into action. Julie knew she could do something about this, it was treatable and her daughter could go on to live a normal and healthy life. But there needed to be some pretty big changes at home, for all family members, when it came to what they were eating. The challenge was going to be finding meals and food choices that the whole family would enjoy. It was a pretty tall order. She wanted to serve her family healthy food choices that were gluten-free and tasted great.

As she was transitioning to family to a gluten-free lifestyle she noticed the one item she was constantly being asked to make where her gluten free Red Velvet Cupcakes. Those cupcakes were always a hit! Then one day she thought about selling them at the local farmers market. They were a hit! Soon demand was over exceeding the supply. Since Julie was baking out of her home she was limited on space, there was a limit on how many she could make at one time. That was when she started to look for a location to start selling those delectable gluten free red velvet cupcakes everyday instead of just once a week. Her search brought her to the corner of 40th Street and Thomas road and that’s where she put up shop. Jewel’s Café and Bakery was opened and the rest as they is history!

Green Chili Mac & Cheese

I had my reservations about trying out a gluten-free bakery and café. Over the years I’ve tried various gluten-free items and some were not all that palatable. But I knew Jewel’s Bakery and Café was popular so I was curious. Upon entering the first thing I noticed was the wide selection on the menu! So many gluten-free items. I was excited to try a few items. With so many options I was amazed she could make them all gluten-free. The first menu item I tried was the Green Chili Mac and Cheese. I love how she took a childhood favorite and created a gluten free adult meal. With my first taste I was like, WOW! There’s a flavor explosion in my mouth! The Green Chili Mac and Cheese is full of creamy cheeses, a special green chili sauce and pasta. All gluten-free! But full of a southwest flavor that makes your mouth water for more!

Jewels Chicken & Waffles

The next menu item I tried was the chicken and waffles. After trying the mac and cheese I was pretty confident this was going to be amazing and I couldn’t wait for it to arrive at the table. These were AH-MAZING! If you are looking for a dish to impress this is it. With the double sauce dip, a blend of warm buttermilk syrup, you will have to pry yourself away from the table. The syrup reminded me of a sweet buttery frosting you’d use to coat waffles in but it sure tasted delicious on chicken too. There is also a Sweet Honey Hot Sauce with just the right amount of heat to complement the Warm Buttermilk Syrup. The Waffles are light, airy making the meal feel light on your stomach. The Chicken was moist with a light coating of seasoning allowing the chicken to shine. And it’s all garnished with some fried kale. I wasn’t too sure about the kale but since everything else had tasted so good I gave it a shot. Keeping an open mind, I tried a little piece of fried kale and it was scrumptious!

Jewels bakery & cafe treats

There were still some items to try but I was running short on time. So they boxed them up and I headed out to pick up my son from school with treats in tow. The first treat was a Sea Salt Caramel Brownie. I have a bad sweet tooth, especially for caramel. The Sea Salt pairs wonderfully with the richness of the chocolate brownie and the caramel adds a layer of yummy gooiness. The last treat was their award winning Blueberry Corn Custard Pie. It was unlike anything I have ever tried before. Mixed into the custard there’s bits of corn giving it a unique texture. The Blueberries deliver a wonderful sweetness to compliment the corn custard. The secret in making a delicious gluten free dessert is in the flour. Jewel’s Bakery and Café has a special gluten free flour they use for all desserts made in house. And I’ll let you in on a little secret – you can buy some to take home too!

Whether you are driving through the Grand Canyon state or passing by the next time you are in Phoenix, Arizona you need to check out the Best Gluten-Free Bakery in town Jewel’s Bakery and Cafe on the corner of 40th Street and Thomas Rd. I am so excited that I have found this delicious Gluten-Free Bakery and Cafe that will satisfy anyone’s taste buds.

For more delicious information, visit them online!


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