How We Adopted Our Fur Baby

How We Adopted Our Fur Baby

My husband and I had just gotten married. We were both working full time and moved in to a nice size one bedroom apartment that fit our budget. Looking back, it was very roomy for the two of us!

Literally out of the blue, my husband decided he wanted to adopt a dog. We had talked about adding a dog to our family here and there but never had the space. We called our landlord and asked if we could have pets. As soon as we heard we could, we headed over to the shelter.

When we walked in, we were lead to the dog area and walked down the long hallway of dog kennels with dogs in each one.

As we walked by the cages, the dogs barked like crazy and jumped up on the cage door as if to say hello. I pointed out a small to medium size dog that sat there looking at us.

Cyrus side view beautybrite

My husband and I went all the way to the end of the hallway. We saw another dog that we wanted to meet. We spent a few minutes with Kilo, a mixed black lab puppy. We realized he would probably get too big. He also did not fit with our personalities. He was too hyper and kept jumping up on us.

We then went back to the dog who just sat there looking at us. He was cute and quiet. He was all black with a little white stripe down his chest.

We ended up adopting him. We were able to pick him up a few days later and took him home. We had to work so my husband put him in the kennel. While at work that evening, I came up with his name and asked my husband what he thought. He loved it.

Our Cyrus beautybrite

We named him Cyrus.

We gave him up when we had to give up our house and move East. Sometimes I regret that we did not take him with us. However, we could not even afford to pay our bills.

Cyrus was our boy for at least 4 years. He was our first baby. During his time with us, we had our son and we moved to our house (that we lost during the housing bubble). He had also been with us when we had to board him when we traveled out of town. My husband and I loved to travel before we had our son. We traveled as often as we could.

These days, I miss having a dog.

Do you have pets? How did you adopt each of them?

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  1. Natalie Brown says

    I know it’s sad that you had to give him up but it was truly the best for him and you. I rescued my boxer boy in 2011 at the age of 4. He had been surrendered by a family that couldn’t afford him. I certainly understood that so many people had to give up their pets during this difficult financial period. Although, I was glad to be in a place where I could take him and give him his second home. He’s 8 now and still as crazy as can be. lol Thanks for sharing your rescue story. 🙂

    • Thank you for your kind comment. Someone had actually left a very rude comment a few days ago that has since been deleted. I am glad your boxer keeps you company! I miss having a dog!

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