How To Make Your Makeup Sparkle

How To Make Your Makeup Sparkle

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I know what you’re thinking from the title of this post. Possibly adding glitter or shimmer to your makeup? Well I am going to tell you a way to add spark and a fresh new sophisticated look to your face this holiday season without using any glitter!

Mally Makeup and beauty products have always been one of my favorite lines of makeup, and I am currently using their powders and foundations. I wanted to dip a little more into their line and explore the many options and collections of the full line. I am normally the type that puts on foundation, blush and mascara to hit the road, but this year I wanted to glam up for the holidays and add that sparkle that everyone will be complementing on.

Mally has introduced the new Mally Beauty Season of Sparkle Holiday Collection that is filled with many different colors of lip gloss, eye liners, and shadows. My mom and I went crazy trying all the new colors and sets! We literally washed our face a total of 4 times each in one night just because we couldn’t help but to try them all at once. There is a photo below of my mother digging in to the package as soon as it arrived and I can assure you she was more excited than a kid at Christmas.

Mom Mally Makeup

The Mally Evercolor Starlight Waterproof Liner was one of my favorites! I am always looking for a great waterproof eyeliner and this one goes on smooth, comes in three fantastic shades and it even comes with a trimmer! Its easy to control to get a very precise line, and I am a testimony to you that it is honestly waterproof, as I cried recently at a school play and it looked the same as it did when I first go there!

The Mally Shadow Stick Extra was my moms favorite out of the collection. With her older age it is hard for her to control a liner so this was very simple for her and she could just smooth it on as if it was a liner and shadow in one. She could then smooth it out with her finger to decrease the intensity of the color to her liking.

Mally Shadow Stick Extra

We both loved the Mally lip glosses and we fought over which colors we would take but we ended up deciding to share them all because there was not one that we enjoyed more than the other. I like that I have multiple colors to choose from because some days if I’m going to work I just like something simple and other nights if I’m going out I like something more intense.

Mally H3 Lip Gloss Trio

All of the products featured above are wonderful and I promise you they will give you that added sparkle for the holiday season and beyond that is sophisticated and will not go unnoticed.


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