How to Make All Fruits and Vegetables Healthy and Delicious


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In my house, we strive to be a clean-eating and health conscious family. We love our fruits and veggies; they are an essential part of our diet and help provide us the necessary fuel to power through our busy schedules.

When possible, I always try to buy organic. However, there have often been occasions at my local Aldi or Kroger when the organic produce I like is either out of stock or unavailable. Let’s also face facts, organic is definitely more expensive. Sometimes buying regular produce is cheaper and easier.

WelleCo Fruit and Veggie Wash Concentrate is the smart and sensible solution for when I’m unable to buy organic produce. WelleCo’s concentrated wash removes the residual dirt, waxes, chemicals, and pesticides from produce. Some forms of pesticides and waxes are formulated to be waterproof; washing your fruit and vegetables with only water will not successfully remove them. This power packed concentrate removes up to 100 times more pollutants than washing your produce with only water. The blend of organic and natural ingredients makes all fruits and veggies healthier to consume.

When I first tried WelleCo’s Fruit and Veggie Wash Concentrate, the first thing I noticed was the scent! I love the clean, citrus fragrance and zero after taste after using WelleCo’s wash.

I like to use WelleCo Fruit & Vegetable Wash as a spray for my produce. It’s the fastest and easiest way for me to keep my fruits and veggies clean while I’m meal prepping for the week. I mix a little into a spray bottle, dilute with water, spray on individual fruits and veggies, rinse and my whole family is ready to eat and enjoy!


You can also add 15 ml of WelleCo Fruit and Vegetable Wash Concentrate to a sink of fresh water, add produce, rinse, drain sink, and you’re ready to eat.

This is a great product to travel with! When we travel to our cabin on the west side of our home state, there aren’t many grocery stores in a rural area that sell organic produce. I plan on bringing WelleCo Fruit and Vegetable Wash Concentrate on our summer vacation this year so we can still make sure we’re eating healthy and pesticide-free produce!

I love that this product makes healthy, tasty produce accessible to everyone. With a powerful blend of natural ingredients and zero chemicals, WelleCo Fruit and Veggie Wash Concentrate removes all of the bad stuff from your produce and leaves you with fruit and vegetables the way nature intended them to be, healthy and delicious!

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