How to Improve Your Circulation (and Why It Will Make You Look Good)

If you’re someone who cares about beauty, you should also care about your health. Taking care of your health can help you to look better, giving you brighter skin and hair, better nails, and more. One of the things that can affect your health and beauty is your circulation. If you have poor circulation, it means that the oxygen and nutrients that your body needs are not being delivered around your body as effectively as they could be. This could cause problems with your skin, hair, and nails. And if you have diabetes, it can even mean that wounds heal more slowly.

Improving your circulation could help you to look healthier and more beautiful. You’ll feel better when your blood circulation is better too. If you think you have poor circulation and want to improve it, here are some of the things that you can do.

How to Improve Your Circulation (and Why It Will Make You Look Good)

Stop Smoking

Smoking can have a significant impact on your circulation. Nicotine damages the walls of your arteries and thickens your blood. Smokers can often find that they experience various effects of poor circulation, including unhealthy hair and nails. If you smoke, quitting can be tough, but it can also start to improve your circulation right away. If you need support, there are plenty of resources that can help you, such as websites like Rolling Paper that offer the latest tips on how to give up. Speak to your doctor, try using quitting aids, and look for people who can support you. There are support groups and programs that can help you to quit.

Control Your Blood Pressure

High blood pressure can also affect your circulation. If you have high blood pressure, it could lead to a condition called arteriosclerosis. This hardens your arteries and can affect your blood flow. You should aim for your blood pressure to be 120 over 80 or lower. Your doctor can give you more personalized information about what numbers you should be trying for. You can monitor your own blood pressure with an at-home monitor, which you can easily purchase for yourself. Try to check your blood pressure at least once a month to see how healthy you are.

Stay Hydrated

Good hydration is a must for anyone who wants to improve their circulation. Your blood is about 50% water, which means that staying hydrated is a must. Make sure that you drink plenty of water or other healthy liquids throughout the day. You should have about eight glasses of water each day to ensure you stay hydrated and keep your blood moving. If you’re active or it’s hot, you’ll need to drink more. If you find it hard to drink enough, it can be useful to carry a water bottle and even set reminders to have a drink throughout the day.

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Get Massages

You can also improve your circulation from the outside. Massaging your skin and muscles can help to get your blood moving. This not only improves your circulation overall but can really help when you need to heal or recover from working out. You can see a massage therapist for your massage or consider a range of tools for massaging yourself at home. There are fancy tech options like the SMART Cupper, which can offer you different functions and modes. Or you can do something more simple such as using a body brush. Use a brush with stiff bristles and stroke across your skin. This also has the benefit of helping to get rid of dry skin.

Be More Active

Being sedentary isn’t good for your circulation, so it’s important to try and be active. If you work at a desk, one thing you can do is try using a standing desk. Standing up will help to keep your blood flowing in your legs. Yoga is a great way to exercise and keep your blood flowing if you’re looking for something low-impact. But aerobic exercise is also a great way to get your blood pumping. You’ll take in more oxygen and lower your blood pressure, as well as keep your heart healthy.

Change Your Diet

What you eat has an effect on your circulation too. Eating a balanced diet is good for your circulation and it can have a variety of beauty benefits too. One way that many people can quickly and easily make a change to their diet is by reducing the amount of meat that they eat and increasing their vegetables, fruits, and grains. Avoid too much salt in your diet if you want to stay healthy too.

If you want to improve your looks and be healthier too, improve your circulation to give your body the oxygen and nutrients it needs.

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