Hands On Toys Your Kids Will Love

Hands On Toys Your Kids Will Love

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Toys, toys and more toys, with four little ones under the age of seven I am always on the lookout for some great hands on toys that I know, will be a hit in our house. All my children are very hands on learners and love items that will keep them busy. I’ve found a few awesome ideas that I’m sure your child will love too. I feel that a lot of learning takes place when you can actually get your hands on it and do it yourselves. I know if that’s the case with me, it will be with my kids too. So hands on toys are so important in our home.

Hands on toys your kids will love!


You Press it! you Spun it! Now… Spring it!

First up is the new Spinnobi, Spinnobi is a springing, spinning toy sure to create hours of fun. Unlike other spinning toys this toy you can toss and bounce and it keeps spinning. How does it work? Watch here to learn all the amazing details! Do you think you have the skills to become a Spinnobi master?

Are you interested in adding one of these hands on toys to your collection? Be sure to visit their Website, Facebook, or Instagram to get one of your own.

Hands on toys are perfect for developing fine motor skills.

Drawing Stencils

Glitter Craft Set

Creabow Crafts

Next what child doesn’t love to color, draw, and let get those creative juices flowing? I know my four-year-old will sit for hours just coloring and drawing so we always look for art sets that help her achieve her creativeness. She has a really hard time focusing and paying attention to things partly because… well she’s four but partly because of a horrible car accident we had 2 years ago and I think it’s a bit of PTSD. So drawing and creating gives her that outlet that she sometimes struggles with. So for her hands on toys are her favorite to use.

The DRAWING STENCILS ART SET BY CREABOW CRAFT has some amazing drawing and stencil sets to use. These perfect hands on toys will be the hit for any artist in your family. With 12 stencil sheets that are reusable, colored pencils, 20 sheets of paper and one sharpener this is the perfect all in one set. So easy for everyday use or to take in the car.  If you have a glitter lover, there’s even a set for that! These craft sets are such a hit in our home! To get your own visit their Website, Facebook, or Amazon links.

For me personally, I think that hands on toys are the best way for a child to learn and really get them interacting and thinking. When your hands are busy playing your mind is busy leaning and creating those connections to be able to use later in life. Having my early childhood credentials I know how important those skills are to having a healthy well-rounded child. I have been so excited to find these great products that I know my children for a long time to come and will help create some fun memories for the whole family to remember.

Which of these hands on toys do you think your child will love? 



  1. Toni says

    Love this! As a kid I enjoyed arts and crafts way more than toys that made noise (I think my mom was thankful for that too!) These are perfect and are things I’ll implement in my kids life in future.

  2. I just got some baby toy gifts in the mail yesterday and I accidentally turned them on. BIG MISTAKE because I don’t know how to turn them off! LOL! I dont think I want my soon to be son to touch it! It might drive me bananas!

  3. Kansas says

    Haha that’s our rules for Christmas from other people, nothing that makes noise. Saves parents our little bit of sanity.

  4. I probably would have loved the stenci;s and the glitter when I was a child. Those stencils might even help then learn to write the alphabet–then make them glitter–what fun!

  5. It would be a hard choice between the two toys for my daughter. She loves to draw but she also loves spinning things. So it would be tough to choose.

  6. Alexis says

    Oh my girls would go crazy for the stencils and glitter, these look like fun toys to keep little hand busy on cold winter days.

  7. These look so fun! I know our boy love hands-on sets like this one.

  8. I love my daughter to draw even at her early age and expose in many activities like this that can help her to be more creative.

  9. Kevin says

    It is refreshing to see a cool toy that isn’t a piece of tech, much healthier form of play!

  10. Fab selection! I think my two little monkeys would love the Spinnobi although they do love colouring too! 🙂

  11. These are great ideas for Christmas gifts! 🙂

  12. I would have love stencils as a kid. Heck I have some as an adult. Good non-screen options here.

  13. Sondra Barker says

    These toys are so cute. I love the glitter one. Great gift ideas with the holidays coming up!

  14. Rachael Eberhardt says

    They are so pretty and honestly, this is something that my kids would love. I will definitely get these things for them.

  15. All kids love toys. Growing up I didn’t have the opportunity to get so much toys but I have no problems getting some for my kids. Nice review.

  16. Preet says

    Oh wow, Thak you for sharing this. My girls are looking for something new that they can play with. this would be really perfect on them. They will love this for sure.

  17. Clare Minall says

    Spinnobi is eomthing that my kids would really love. I’ll have to look into this. They would probably love this.

  18. My kids would love the glitter, they adore the stuff!

  19. Bindu Thomas says

    These are great ideas for Christmas gifts! ? My kids are in search of a new variety one for playing. Thanks for sharing.

  20. I’ve got a house full of teens – but my nieces and nephews would love this stuff! Great ideas for Christmas!

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