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Summer break is almost here and I am already “tired” of hearing, “I’m Bored”. It happens every year. The first few days of summer are a bliss. Sleeping in, relaxing, and unwinding from the constant motion of a school time routine. After those first few days though, it turns into a constant mantra of “I’m Bored”. It’s inevitable. One of my favorite ways to get through this boredom, however, is board games.

This is Melanie and she is 4 years old in the 99th Percentile, just to give you an idea of the size of Gridopolis.
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Board games? That’s right! I love the fact that they have set rules and for the most part, ALL of my children can join in. Excluding my 1.5 year old though, he just likes to steal the pieces and giggles while he runs away. Board games also don’t rely on the weather to play them and I don’t have to sit outside in 90+ degree summer heat to watch over my children.


Have you ever played a 3D board game though? I haven’t. That is until I received Gridopolis. Gridopolis is a 3D strategy game that is much like checkers BUT you can move up and down levels to capture all of your opponents game pieces and win the game! With Gridopolis you can also change how the “board” looks so that the fun never ends. With this type of creativity, it keeps the game interested as well as works on motor planning/strategies.

As many of you know, if you have read my prior posts, 2 of my children have developmental delays. Fine motor skills and gross motor planning being the larger delays. Gridopolis was a great fit for their needs. Gridopolis, however, is great for any type of need. Summertime fun, winter break fun, indoor or outdoor fun, those with Developmental Delays, etc.

Typical Checkers is fun but the pieces are too small which leads to a lot of knocking the pieces out of their designated squares and it makes it really hard for them to stay interested. Who wants to play a game, that they keep “messing up” by knocking pieces from where they belong? Although I constantly tell them ” hey, it’s okay. Take your time, no one is perfect” it can still be frustrating for them.

Larger game pieces mean easier grasping and moving pieces along the board.

Gridopolis game pieces are larger and much friendlier for those with fine motor/gross motor delays. The reason being is it is easier to grasp and with the taller standing pieces, you aren’t as likely to knock into the pieces next to the piece you actually want.

I will say that the most time-consuming part of his game and it may seem sort of daunting, is putting the initial game board together. So do plan ahead if you have impatient kids playing but if you want to put them to work, this is the perfect opportunity to strengthen their pincer grasping and working on their motor skills.

I began this game by making a basic game “board” and introducing the new concept of checkers with the larger game pieces. After getting comfortable with this, we moved up to the suggested gameplay that is basic but then later moved on to the more creative version.

Gridopolis can be purchased through Gridopolis andAmazon,

What Board Games will you be playing this summer?

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