Getting A Better Nights Sleep

Getting A Better Nights Sleep

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What is sleep? I’ve heard it’s that thing you do where you close your eyes and don’t open them for at least 8 hours and feel nice and refreshed when you wake up. Needless to say with four kids under the age of 7, sleep just isn’t something I get a lot of. I love my babies don’t get me wrong but my youngest isn’t a fan of sleep. At this point, I’m pretty sure that coffee bleeds in my veins. Recently I’ve been looking into ways on how to improve your sleep and I’d like to share those tips with you.

no sleep for mom

Tips for getting a better nights sleep

No screen time for at least 20 minutes before you get ready to go to sleep. This means putting down those phones or closing those laptops and letting your brain and eyes ease into settling down for bed. Instead of staring at the screen and taxing your eyes let your body relax so that its easier for you to fall asleep.

Deep breaths! Deep breathing and meditation put your body into a calm state. Slowing your breathing relaxes your mind and helps send those signals to your brain to help get your body into sleep mode. This helps to relieve stress and helps fight off nighttime worry.

Keep it dark, invest in some blackout curtains. My room has to be black for me to sleep. These are perfect especially if you work third shift. One thing I would always struggle with than working third is the fact that it was daylight outside when I’d try and sleep so my internal clock was messed up. Keeping your clock in motion will help in getting a better nights sleep.


Snooz internals

Time to SNOOZ!

Invest in a sound machine. I love the sound of a fan but in the winter time, it’s way too cold to keep it running. Well now SNOOZ has this amazing sound machine that sounds like a fan but the best part is it’s small and portable. With a lot of other sound machines, it plays on a loop. Not with the SNOOZ, it has an actual fan on the inside of the machine. I love that the sound is adjustable by an app so that I don’t have to remember to turn it on or off.

The first night I started using it I could instantly tell a difference. While my hours of sleep didn’t increase the quality of the sleep did for sure. I now am able to fall asleep with SNOOZ within 10 minutes of it being on. If you are interested in getting one for yourself, check out Amazon, Facebook, or Instagram.  

Sleep like a baby!

Sleep Like a Baby

Getting a better nights sleep is important as it lets your body heal and prepare for the next day. Let me know if these things might help you sleep. Also, let me know what you do it get a better nights sleep.




  1. I have been trying a few of these things but some great new suggestions. Thanks for sharing!!!!!

  2. I am always so stressed in the evening. This should help me fall asleep. This will help me a lot, thanks for sharing.

  3. Such great advice!!! I need to try these. Thanks for sharing!

  4. I am lucky to be able to sleep unturned most nights. I didn’t hear about a sound machine before. It is good that it helps you sleep though.

  5. Good sleep is great blessing. Thanks for sharing the tricks to get better sleep

  6. Oh wow, This is something that I really need. I am a work at home mom. Every day I used to work at the same time take care of my kids so I do not have enough sleep.

  7. These are some great tips for getting good sleep. A good night’s sleep is required for being fresh and energetic the next day. Snooz seems like a great sound machine. I will definitely try it sometime.

  8. Very great advice. I know some people who need this advice so going to share this article with them.

  9. I have trouble with sleeping on a more normal schedule, I never thought about using essential oils

  10. These are some great tips! I have never tried a white noise machine before but I think it would help! I like the sound of the fan as well, but in the winter months it’s too cold to have on. I’ll definitely be trying some of these ideas out, thanks for sharing!

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