Get Inspired! 6 Easter Basket Themes For Tweens & Teens

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There is always something about Easter that my kids never get tired of no matter how big they get. We love decorating eggs using the Egg-Mazing & of course our ‘slightly competitive‘ annual Easter egg hunt. After all that running around hunting for candy filled eggs, they get to dig into their personal Easter baskets.

I usually try to create a basket based on what my kids enjoy. So to help out with creating an Easter basket for tweens & teens, here are some great ideas to help you get started.

Play Together

Hog Wild Easter Poppers retails $11.99 USD each on Amazon

Before we get into themes, try to include in your kids Easter basket something they can enjoy together. These adorable Poppers by Hog Wild will have your teens and tweens having a blast with each other.

These fun toys include one popper and 6 SOFT foam balls. Hog Wild Poppers can shoot a ball up to 20ft!! The harder you squeeze, the farther the ball goes! Since the balls are foam, they are safe to play inside and outside. I love that you have the option to purchase additional balls and even different characters that your kids can enjoy. They are collectible and so much fun! A winner for young kids up to teenagers!

Basket Themes For Young Ladies

There is so much out there that tween and teen girls are into nowadays. From fashion, music, to even environmental causes. So what should you put into an Easter basket for your teenage girl? Here’s a couple ideas you can try.

The VSCO Girl

Sksksksk‘.. I bet you heard that at least once in the past year. The VSCO girl has become a popular trend for young teen and tween girls. VSCO girls are normally easy-going and loves to rock beach related fashion. They have a passion for animals and other environmental causes. Sound like your little lady? Here’s what you can add to her basket.

  • Velvet Scrunchies (to wear on their wrists, wrap around their water bottle, & of course their hair)
  • Vinyl Stickers (Plants, animals (especially turtles) or environmental causes)
  • Hydro flasks ( or a solid water bottle in general)
  • Reusable Straws
  • Pukka-Shell Necklaces & Bracelet Kits
  • Lip Balms
  • String Lights & Journals

The Fashionista & Beauty Lover

My teenager loves all things beauty. She is even attending a technical school to become a certified beautician. This year I decided to do a ‘Beauty/Fashion‘ basket for her. Here are some ideas as to what to include.

  • An Outfit (Something simple like a pair of leggings a cute top and maybe a pair of flip flops)
  • Canvas Tote ( You can even use the tote as the ‘basket‘)
  • Costume Jewelry/Sunglasses/Jewelry Making Kits
  • Hair Accessories (Hair brush, hair ties & clips )
  • Lip Glosses, Nail polishes (nail grooming kits), Facial Cleanser/Face Mask
  • Teen Magazines (Teen Vogue, Seventeen, CosmoGirl)

Baskets For Young Men

Boys never seem to really grow up do they? My tween sons love their ‘big boy‘ toys, and I have a feeling they will continue to love em’ well into adult hood. Here’s some ideas to get your boys excited over their Easter basket.

The Gamer

Both my sons love their video games. Whether its on a game console like X-Box or one of those amazing streaming games like Fortnite ( I feel all ya’ll mamma’s out there). All that enthusiasm (or screaming) can be pulled together in a basket he will surely love.

  • $5 Gift Card For Gamers ( So many different gamer gift cards are on the market; from v-bucks, Steam, Nintendo e-bucks and so much more)
  • Favorite Snacks & Drinks (Like chips & power-aid for added fuel during their ‘game-a-thons‘)
  • Headphones (To help lessen the noise of your kiddos ‘enthusiasm‘)
  • Latest Gamer Magazine (They love learning about cheat codes & the latest games)
  • Game Related Figurines (Minecraft, Fortnite, & Super Mario bros have adorable figurines available on Amazon and Walmart)
  • New Controller or Blue Light Blocking Glasses

The Sports Lover

Gear can be pricey

This can be great for both girls and boys (I’m a Baseball mom myself). Whether they love to play or just watch, here is something for athletes & fans alike.

  • Piece of New Equipment ( New glove/gloves, ball, or a general accessory to help their game)
  • Sports Cards/Magazines
  • Tee Shirt or Hat (Something with their favorite team, or even local team your kiddo plays for)
  • Memorabilia ( A bobble head figurine or framed photo)
  • Draw String Backpack or Water bottle

For Both

Sometimes creating a ‘generalized‘ basket for tweens & teens is the way to go. Especially if you have more than one kiddo!

Social Media Lovers

As much as we need and want to limit our kids access to social media, they still have a love for it. Add a few of these items for your social savvy kid!

  • Meme Hoodies/TeeShirts (They are so funny and my kids personally love them, you can find them on Amazon)
  • Pop Sockets
  • New Device Case (Gotta protect those pricey devices)
  • Phone Stabilizer or Selfie Stick
  • Clip -On ‘Light Ring’ For Devices
  • Portable Charger/Cord Case

The Artist

There is always one aspiring artist in the family. The one thing we know for sure, they are always running out of supplies & appreciate a fresh restock of their most used items. Don’t forget to add a few of these items in the Easter basket for your artist!

  • Graphite Pencils (Great for sketching and shading)
  • Colored Pencils, Paints, Markers
  • Paint Brushes & Tools
  • Canvas & Sketch Books
  • Mandala Coloring Books
  • Art Kits
No matter what you fill your tweens or teenagers basket with, make sure its filled with things they will actually use and love.
What will be in your kids Easter basket this year?

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