Fresh and Sparkling Cruelty-Free Makeup

Fresh and Sparkling Cruelty-Free Makeup


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As a makeup user, I’ve become familiar with plenty of brands–but as any simple trip to Sephora or Ulta will tell you, there are always more to find and explore! One brand that I’ve recently come across is Mally Beauty, a line whose creator has been a professional makeup artist for years (and worked with the likes of Jennifer Lopez). Mally–the founder and namesake of the brand–promises that her brand is cruelty-free and “high-performance” for women on the go (of which there are many!).

I received the Shimmer Shape & Go Blush Single (which is a cream blush stick), the Evercolor Shadow Stick in Pink Champagne, and the Evercolor Starlight Waterproof Eyeliner in Pink Champagne. Each of these products has fantastic multi-purpose potential, so I was excited to give them a try!

The Shimmer Shape & Go Blush Single is a bright pink–not a hot pink, but still brighter than I’m used to. It was fun to apply directly from the stick (although I must say that this approach might actually be too heavy-handed for such a strong color). It also wasn’t very blendable after trying that approach (meaning I drew the blush on my face and attempted to blend it in with my fingers immediately after);  I ended up tugging at my skin more than I would like before the blush actually started to look subtle! That being said, the blush is a long-lasting one, and it’s also a color that could work on virtually any skin tone. Plus, the stick is no bigger than the palm of your hand, so it’s great for travel! Just be sure to use very little at a time; apply with your fingers, not straight from the stick, and dab it on instead of swiping! if you want to try it on your lips and lids as well for a soft and elegant look, then dab the blush on there with your ring finger as well. Overall this product was a bit too bright for me, but it could definitely work if used very sparingly.

Shimmer Shape & Go Blush Single and Evercolor Shadow Stick Extra in Pink Champagne and Evercolor Starlight Waterproof Eyeliner in Pink Champagne

I was very excited about the Evercolor Shadow Stick in Pink Champagne, because it’s a relatively nude color–AND it’s also a primer! Multi-tasking products are becoming more and more in-demand these days, so I was anticipating a very sleek, nude, solid shadow. Instead, the eyeshadow is actually glittery–my clue should have been the name “Champagne!”–so it was actually a very subtle color (so subtle, in fact, that I wasn’t quite sure if it was going on at first). You basically get a sheer wash of very glittery product on your eyes, which makes for a soft and pretty look. People will wonder what you’re wearing (and probably convince themselves that it’s actually nothing); just be sure to apply foundation after applying this, since the glitter really does (like most glitters) get everywhere.

The last product was the Evercolor Starlight Waterproof Eyeliner in Pink Champagne. I was also excited to try this eyeliner because (like the Shadow Stick) it was in a relatively neutral shade, and I didn’t actually have any nude eyeliners. This eyeliner gives you the same effect as the Shadow Stick, but without the glitter; your eyes look wider, your lashes look more noticeable (and thereby thicker or longer), and you just generally look more awake. I’ll definitely be using this eyeliner on days when I’m looking tired or stressed; lining your lower waterline and upper lash line can combine to give you a look that really will have people wondering if you’re wearing anything at all!

All of these products are travel-friendly, cruelty-free, and subtle enough to work for women of all ages. If you’re interested in Mally Beauty, check out their social media links below!

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  1. Mally beauty is a killer Brand! Love it

  2. I’d like to try one of the nude eyeliners after reading your comments on it.

  3. Margaret S Porter says

    Never tried Mally Beauty. Will look for it

  4. I usually have terrible luck in picking out blushes that work for me, but the color of this one is very pretty, and I like that it comes in stick form.

  5. Michelle Castagne says

    I haven’t tried Mally before. I like the shadow stick that’s also a primer.

  6. VICKI RAINS says

    I have never heard or tried Mally Beauty. Will see if I can find it.

  7. Kristen Joiner says

    It sounds good, but I’m not really a big fan of products with glitter. I just don’t like the fallout and mess they cause. I like the idea behind the brand though, I’ll have to check them out.

  8. Thank you so much for the recommendations, I will check out the MALLY BEAUTY Shimmer, Shape, and Glow next time I can visit Ulta.

  9. Mally is a good brand and it is so nice to see more and more companies going the cruelty-free route.

  10. Dana Matthews says

    This brand is new to me. I’d love to try the eyeliner. Different and exciting!

  11. Elisha Santana says

    Have always wanted to try a blush stick! Im always afraid it would look to harsh on me though, gonna def give it a try!

  12. kristamiller5425 says

    I don’t like glitter make up but I do like looking more awake.

  13. Kelly Kimmell says

    I have tried Mally products in the past and love them.

  14. tat2gurlzrock says

    I have never tried Mally products. I love that they are cruelty free.

  15. denise low says

    I am always into trying new products. I would love to try this product.

  16. Melissa Storms says

    I would love to try the cream blush stick, it is hard to find nice cream blush.

  17. I’d love to try the blush stick and the shadow stick. I have a shadow stick from a different brand and love it.

  18. Elizabeth M. says

    I have used Mally products in the past and really love them. And I find that cream blushes work best for me because they blend well and keep me from looking like I am overly flushed, or like a clown ;). I would definitely like to try this product.

  19. I haven’t gotten any new makeup in ages, and I really need some, not to mention how old and not so great what I have left. This is so nice, I’d love to try this cruelty-free makeup, it looks wonderful, too.

  20. Never heard or tried Mally Beauty before. Sounds amazing. I would love to try it out.

  21. Bryan Vice says

    My wife loves Mally make up thats all she buys anymore

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