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Discover Quality Vegan MakeupBeauty Brite Disclosure

When it comes to all-natural and vegan makeup lines, I’ve discovered a common idea that they are not as high-quality as other brands. I personally cannot tell if that is true in most cases, but I do know that it is false for at least some of them: Pacifica, BOOM! By Cindy Joseph (be sure to read my article about that makeup and skincare line), and the star of today’s article: Mineral Fusion!

I had gathered from the brand’s name that this line focused on mineral makeup, and I must confess that I am a complete novice when it comes to that particular category in the cosmetics industry. I’m still not entirely clear on all of the distinctions–although this line’s “cruelty-free” label would have convinced me regardless–but provided a basic definition. According to the article by InStyle, “mineral makeup doesn’t include parabens, fragrance, talc, preservatives, oil, or other harsh chemicals”. This means that it is, apparently, “ideal for sensitive or breakout-prone skin types that often become irritated with heavier formulas.”

As someone with fairly sensitive skin, that clarification sounded good to me–and so I set out to explore the products with high expectations! Mineral Fusion was very generous; I received their Illuminating Beauty Balm, Mineral SPF 30 Brush-On Sun Defense, Revitalizing Eye Treatment, and not one but two of their 3-in-1 Color Sticks! The products are all a good size, and have lovely packaging to boot.

Mineral Fusion Illuminating Beauty Balm

Since I would most likely be using these products in order, I decided to review them in the same way. So, up first was the Illuminating Beauty Balm (note: there is also a “Perfecting” version of the Beauty Balm, which I did not receive or try). This “illuminating” balm is an antioxidant-filled cream with SPF (albeit a low SPF for my taste: only 9) that claims to deal with “pores and fine lines” as well as provide a slightly luminescent tone to the skin. Since I’ve been told that brushes can often absorb a lot of liquid makeup, I opted to use my hands, blending in the orange-tinted cream all over my face.

The cream is a bit more liquidy than expected (which perhaps has something to do with its composition) but still manageable; it blends in very nicely, and you end up with a lovely matte finish–albeit one that was a bit much for me. You could tell that I was wearing skin makeup, which is something that I usually prefer to avoid by using sheer products instead. However, if you like strong coverage, then this may be the product for you! My only real complaint? The smell.

The cream has a strong odor that is not unlike the ones I remember from my dance-recital days: a pungent, almost chemical smell that practically all powders and hairsprays used to share. The smell really put me off, but other than that the product was delightful (it was a bit orange for my fair skin, so be sure to blend it in well if you might have the same problem–and don’t forget to put some on your neck, as well). Just light a nice candle while you’re applying, I suppose, and the problem should be solved!

Mineral SPF 30 Brush On Sun Defense

The next product was the Mineral SPF 30 Brush-On Sun Defense, which I was very excited to try! Celebrities are constantly touting sunscreen as the reason for their amazing skin, and I’ve been trying to make it more of a habit, so this “transparent” product sounded ideal for everyday use–especially since I, like most people, can get pretty tired of thick liquid sunscreen’s application process.

I’ll admit: the application of this powder did thrown me a bit initially. The brush and powder are both in just one stick, rather like a very large pen, and while the brush itself pops up in an adorable way when you lower its holder, the powder is very slow to come out at first. This could definitely be a good thing, since the alternative could make for quite a mess while applying on-the-go; however, as someone with a strong aversion to sunburns, I was nervous about it. Because the powder is so light, and because it was coming out of the brush so slowly, I had a hard time telling if I was actually putting any on at all! Some of the brush’s bristles also seem to come out every time that I use it on my face.

Minor complaints aside, this product packs very easily for on-the-go application (much like the following color sticks do, which I’ll discuss in the next section), and that brings me to the very best attribute of this product: its easy and fun application is motivating me to actually use sunscreen every day! Now that is a bankable benefit. However, take note: It’s not waterproof, which definitely makes it better for daily usage as opposed to days in the pool.

Mineral Fusion 3 in 1 Color Sticks Rosette

The next product was one that I was particularly eager to try: the 3-in-1 Color Stick, aka ‘the fun stuff’! I had only expected to get one, so getting both “Rosette” (a soft pink) and “Berry Glow” (a deep raspberry) was a real treat! I decided to stick with just one for the first application, and chose “Rosette”. It’s a beautifully natural color, and it blends in so insanely well that I started showing it off to a family member. I added more than any reasonable person would add, and it still blended in to look like the “pretty glow” that Mineral Fusion had advertised!

It worked best on my eyelids and cheeks–and on my jawline, nose, and forehead for a bit of contouring–and would probably work well on the lips, too. I did try it on mine, straight from the stick, but found that it clung to my slightly-chapped lips in awkward clumps. It was also a very, very pale pink on the lips, which may have just been the result with my own coloring. If you do buy this product, try dabbing it on your lips with your fingers instead of swiping! Otherwise, the color is a gorgeous one for cheeks and eyes. It also has a nice shimmer in it, which is a bit pervasive but does add a much-need bit of dewiness to an otherwise matte look.

Mineral Fusion 3 in 1 Color Stick Berry Glow

I decided to try “Berry Glow” the next day, to see its effects without any interference from “Rosette”. This color is just as blendable, in the literal sense, as its predecessor; however, it is more pigmented, and so the result will not be quite as subtle as that of the first color. My advice: use this color stick more sparingly, and dab it on your lips for a slightly darker lip. The overall result will be a decidedly flushed, but still relatively natural, makeup look.

Mineral Fusion Revitalizing Eye Treatment

The last product that I used was Mineral Fusion’s Revitalizing Eye Treatment, which is a white cream that is supposed to be applied around the eyes on a clean face, preferably at night. I don’t usually use eye creams, so I couldn’t tell much about the relative quality of this product, but I do know that it felt nice on my eyes, went on smoothly with a lovely cool sensation, and left me feeling refreshed. Did it actually help my eyes in any other ways? I can’t be sure–but I have a strong hunch that it did, and the product’s vegan status makes it a must-try on your list anyway (especially if eye creams are a favorite of yours!).

Overall, Mineral Fusion’s makeup is some quality stuff. Its vegan status (Note: while the rest of the products featured this claim, the 3-in-1 Color Sticks did not) and, more importantly, cruelty-free status makes it a standout line in the beauty industry, and the effectiveness of these products only strengthens its case for success! While the Beauty Balm was a bit heavy (and smelly) for me, it does successfully give you a very beautiful and consistent matte look. The color sticks blend in irresistibly well, in addition to giving you a fantastically shimmery glow, and the eye treatment definitely seems like a cool and calming eye cream in my book. My favorite product over all? The Brush-On Sun Defense. Its easy application, portability, and fun, soft brush have all made skin safety a bigger habit for me: so thank you, Mineral Fusion!

Interested in any of these products? Find them at Mineral Fusion’s website and follow Mineral Fusion at any of the brand’s social media links below!


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