Clean Up Make Up

Clean Up Make Up

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The designated day of love has come and past that so many woman just adore every year. Many women have a ton of make up in their collection and I’m  pretty sure they have it everywhere.

I don’t know about you but my collection is forever growing and I need a central location that I have all my stuff at.

So it is time to Clean up Make Up and do it in style.


Right now, I have some makeup on my bathroom sink, in the medicine cabinet, and in the bedroom closet. I am thirty years old and just now turning into a makeup junkie.


So I need a case of identity that will hold my beloved makeup collection. The Adored caboodle 8.5 train case has not only 1 tray but 4 trays that can hold my collection that I am always using. As I go through my collection I start sorting my eye products and Lip Products that I mainly use to make myself beautiful everyday.

Closet bins

The trays are filled as following: the first small tray has my lip balms and below that small tray I have my lip glosses. Then on the opposite side, I have my eye products with the top tray being my eye liners and the bottom small tray my mascaras. I kept the base holding my large collection of eye shadows.


For this train case being so compact, I love that I can hold everything I want in it without any problem. I no longer have tons of makeup scattered everywhere.

Clean up make up

The best way for me to clean up my make up is to look at what I use and don’t use.

With so many products on the market, I know I’m a makeup hoarder.

I love that Caboodles have tons of different styles. You can browse through TARGET, ULTA, and AMAZON for your perfect stylish Caboodle!

I want to know how you keep your makeup in order?


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