Care for your skin with targeted skincare

Care for your skin with targeted skincare

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I rarely have the opportunity to try a whole skincare line let alone one that targets what I am looking for. The last time I remember using a skincare line was when my mom and I went to the department store and bought a set which also came with a free gift. It was so much fun because we ended up getting two free gifts and a ton of samples with our purchase. There have been other instances of using a skincare line, that story is just a fun memory I have from my teenage years.

For this project, I was sent to the Rilastil website and use their skin care advisor questionnaire. From there, I was given a recommendation as to what products would be best for my needs. From there, I was sent: Daily Care Cleansing and Purifying Gel, Daily Care Toner, Progression HD Brightness Activator, Progression HD Brightness Intensifier and Progression HD Illuminating Eye Contour Cream.

I first started using anti-aging products when I entered my 30s. I love trying different anti-aging products because I understand that everyone has their preference or they are looking for actual reviews or different skin types. After I received my products, I read more about each one and realized the products that were recommended were for “maturing skin” and to me that means for women that are not in my age bracket. After my ego healed a bit, I was still interested in trying the Rilastil products!

I was in search of products to help with improving dull complexion, dark spots and fine lines. The products that I was sent are definitely helping to improve my overall look. I wanted to brighten up my skin.

With the Rilastil skincare products, I apply all of them on my face, neck and décolleté in a light circular motion or in light upward motion.

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I start my skincare routine with cleansing my skin with the Daily Care Cleansing and Purifying Gel and I was pleasantly surprised with the scent! It smells of expensive perfume. The first few days I noticed the scent because I normally do not use scented skincare products. My skin feels clean and fresh after using the gel. I then follow with the Daily Care Toner which also smells of the scent of the cleansing gel. The toner is very gentle on my skin. I allow the toner to dry and then continue with the rest of my routine. I must say, I love the luxurious scent of both the cleansing gel and toner.

Next, I use the Progression HD Brightness Activator. It is very concentrated so I only need 2 to 3 drops if that. It is a lightweight gel that absorbs quickly. As a moisturizer, I use the Progression HD Brightness Intensifier. Last, I dab the Progression HD Illuminating Eye Contour Cream around my eyes.

Within the first week, I noticed that my acne scars and dark spots are fading! I also noticed that my skin looks brighter. As more time passes, my fine lines are less noticeable. The eye cream is definitely helping to hide the fact that I don’t enough sleep. I am a busy mom and sometimes, my son likes to stay up late. It’s summer; I don’t blame him for wanting to be up longer.

Overall, the Rilastil skincare line that was recommended to me is really targeting my needs. I love the skin advisor questionnaire because it tells you exactly what products to use.

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