Bodifresh Toilet Tissue Moisturizer

Bodifresh Toilet Tissue Moisturizer

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When I was asked to try Bodifresh Toilet Tissue Moisturizer, I was intrigued. I have never tried personal care wet wipes, so I was very interested in more information. I was sent samples of Bodifresh Toilet Tissue Moisturizer to review in exchange for my honest opinion.

About the product:

Bodifresh is a simple, yet very effective alternative to personal care wet wipes. It is completely flushable, sewage and septic system safe and Eco-friendly (100% biodegradable).

I received Cloud of White, Island Rain and Essence of Lavender to try! I was really impressed with the product when I learned that this is safe for the entire family to use. I do not like to use chemicals if at all possible. Bodifresh is all natural and formulated to clean, nourish and hydrate the skin.

Since I received three different scents to try, I decided to try the one that caught my eye right away. I am using the Island Rain because it smells like Jasmine! I love the fresh scent of Jasmine. The moisturizing foam is so easy to use. The bottle is quick and easy to dispense on to the toilet paper. The foam is cool and refreshing when applied to my skin.

I love having the bottle in our bathroom. I can just use a quick pump or two when needed. The product is quick and easy to use. I feel so clean afterward. It leaves my skin feeling moisturized.

I love that Bodifresh Toilet Tissue Moisturizer is travel friendly. The product has a lid that locks into place and the pump is kept covered and secured. Bodifresh can easily be carried in your purse, handbag or bag and taken with you on the go. Whether you are running errands or out and about with the family, you can use Bodifresh safely and discreetly.

You can find Bodifresh on their website.

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