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Best Gifts For Gamers--ROCCAT: Horde AIMO Gaming Keyboard

Beauty Brite DisclosureEveryone knows a gamer. Many of our readers are probably gamers of one kind or another. I, personally, prefer fun little games I can play on my phone or iPad like word-themed games, or those where you build up a little town and trade gifts and help other players, solitaire-type games, mystery games, or coloring apps. Pretty basic and mundane, I suppose.

But, my husband and children are much more prolific gamers than I ever will be. They love all the popular games for the PC, Nintendo DS, Switch, Xbox and Playstation platforms like Left 4 Dead, Far Cry, Resident Evil, Legend of Zelda, Animal Crossing, Mario Kart, Zak & Wiki, Rock Band, The Sims, Grand Theft Auto, Assassins Creed, Halo, Metal Gear Solid, Battlefield, Red Dead Redemption, Uncharted, The Last of Us, The Elder Scrolls: Skyrim, Gears of War, Metroid, inFAMOUS, Call of Duty……

I mean, pick your favorite game of all time and they’ve probably played it at some point. I can’t keep up with it all. I know I sound like a total noob.

Since they’re all gamers, any time birthdays or Christmas come around I always kind of delve into this part of their world just a bit (enough to become thoroughly dazed and confused!) in search of gift ideas that they’ll love.

Over the years I’ve found some nice little gems and started something of a tradition in gifting to the gamers in my own family as well as outside friends and family that is pretty successful. Here are some of my ideas for the best gifts for gamers. Some of this stuff you already know if you have a gamer in your life.

Make sure you stick around to the end to find out the BEST EVER gift I’ve given my own not-so-little-anymore gamer!

My Stock Photos -- cash

When in doubt, cash or gift cards!!!!

Yes, I know. I know all the reasons I might get blasted for this one. Many people feel that giving cash or gift cards is really impersonal and displays a lack of thoughtfulness on the part of the gift giver. Well, we’ll just have to agree to disagree on this one. Obviously, if I know a specific game or item that someone would like to receive as a gift I will leave no stone unturned to find it.

I would much rather wrap a gift than money or gift cards. However, this works best if you are a gamer yourself or at least keep up on the latest trends in this area. It’s also easier if the potential gift recipient is comfortable sharing their wish list with you.

I’ve never given cash or a gift card and not seen a huge smile light up the recipient’s face or been given the side eye instead of a hug and a thank you. There for a few years my sister-in-law and I (who each have teenage sons) would gift the other’s son with either a gift card to a store where they liked to shop for games or for Xbox Live. We joked about it. But, those kids. They lived for that, ya know?

And, we would always include in the gift other items like fave snacks or hoodies or other things gamers like, as well.

gamer snacks


This is something of a given. Gamers are snackers, period. Very often, my son and nephew have been equally exclamatory over the snacks I’ve selected and gift wrapped with their gift cards as they’ve been over the gift card itself.

Snack items I’ve included have run the gamut, because I like to switch it up every year. But, good ones are individually wrapped bags of popcorn, cute plastic popcorn-themed bowls or cups, Reese’s peanut butter cups, Snickers, Hershey’s chocolate bars, bags of peanuts, marshmallows, Twizzlers, Airheads or Laffy Taffy, Sour Patch Kids candy (my son’s favorite are the watermelon flavor), Skittles, fruit snacks, individually wrapped peanut butter crackers/brownies/cookies, their favorite brand of gum, Dum Dum suckers, cans of Spaghettios, potato chips. There are pretty endless ideas here. You can include any shelf-stable food item they like.

I also like to include a few drinks like 20-oz. bottles of their favorite soda, YooHoo drinks, Gatorade or Powerade, a mug with hot chocolate packets and mini marshmallows, or bottled water.

If my son’s bed and desk are anything to judge by, snacks and drinks are equivalent to life. I mean, if I went into my son’s room and DIDN’T find the remnants of these things literally all over the place I’d be worried he might starve himself to death, because we all know that gaming is like diving down the rabbit hole, right? If things like food and water aren’t within arm’s reach, well, who needs that stuff anyway?

Make sure you stick around to the end to find out the BEST EVER gift I’ve given my own not-so-little-anymore gamer!

My Stock Photos-Lion Brand Easy Striped Knitted Blanket

Comfort Items (pillows, blankets, slippers)

If you need a go-to gift for a gamer but aren’t confident you know their game or snack preferences, here are a few things all gamers can (and will) appreciate.

Slippers or comfy socks — cuz cold toes can really diminish the immersive effect that retreating to the world of video games provides.

Blankets — Again, the cold reality of the world is destructive to a gamer’s attention span. Snuggling up in a comfortable blanket is essential. EXTRA POINTS if you choose a fleece-lined or other super-soft blanket, especially if it depicts the environment or a character from one of their beloved games … or a favorite sports team, or even their favorite color.

If you’re crafty, you can crochet or knit a blanket like the one pictured above. This Simple Striped Blanket is a free knit pattern available from Lion Brand. I’m making this one as a gift for my daughter’s birthday. Everyone in our house loves a comfy blanket. Check out our pretty Pippa taking a snooze on my husband’s favorite blanket.

My Stock Photos-Pippa Sleeping on UK Wildcats BlanketPillows — Gaming can be hard on a body so making sure their heads, backs, necks and shoulders are supported is always important. And, again, body aches and pains chip away at game immersion, so… ya know, important consideration in gift giving.

Also good in this category of gifts might be hats. Like, ball caps or comfortable beanie hats that they can just tug on and fit snugly over their heads and ears. This items hits on several different levels. One, it’s a comfort item. Two, you can once again score a win by finding one in their favorite color or with an insignia of a game they like on it. And three, it’ll cover up that greasy mess on top of their head when they are going through a game marathon on a long weekend, during the summer, or the holiday break from school when the word shower never enters their minds even as everyone around them holds their nose when within a ten foot proximity of said gamer or his bedroom. All you Moms know what I’m talking about!

My Stock Photos-Crochet Salt of the Earth Beanie-grey

For crocheters or knitters out there (like me) this can be a bit of fun for you, too. Just find a hat pattern you like and gather the yarn and hook or needles and craft away. For an extra touch, you can embroider or cross stitch their name or the name of their favorite game or find a really unique button to sew on it for some added flair. Again, endless possibilities for a unique gift here.

The one I’ve pictured here is the Salt of the Earth Crocheted Men’s Beanie from Crochet 365 Knit Too. I made this grey one (and a blue one, too) for my husband for Valentine’s Day. My father-in-law liked them so I made him a set, as well. Then, my mother-in-law thought they were cool, too, so I made her a beautiful red one and added a pom pom on top.

My Stock Photos-Crochet Salt of the Earth Beanie-red with pom pom

Make sure you stick around to the end to find out the BEST EVER gift I’ve given my own not-so-little-anymore gamer!

Cam's Room-computer chair keyboard and mouse

Seating (good computer chair, game rocker)

When my kids were younger, I used to be one of those moms that planned with my sisters for Black Friday shopping like our lives depended on it. No, we weren’t the violent type, nothing is worth giving or getting a black eye. But, we scoured the store ads, made lists, and split up these lists, each heading to different stores and shopping for all the kids. Then we’d meet up for breakfast afterward to pass off items we’d bought for the others’ kids and settle up what we owed each other for it.

One year, I was determined to get some really neat game chairs for my kids. They were leather (or leather-like) material and kind of like a widened U-shape. They sat on the floor and rocked back when the kids sat in them. They had an instrument panel on the side where they could plug in headphones and had other cool controls, too. My kids loved and used them for a long time, literally until they fell apart! Money very well spent, in my opinion.

These days, they’re too old for those. So, comfortable computer desk chairs and furniture in the media room is a must. Every couple of years, we get them new computer chairs and they are always appreciated because they spend a lot of time at their desks gaming or watching videos online.

We’ve also bought the kids those floor pillows that have arms, which they have used a lot and enjoyed. Plus, these are a more inexpensive option than gaming rockers.

Cam's Room-tv and soundboard

Gear (computer monitors, consoles, soundbar, game controllers, mice, noise-cancelling headphones, gaming keyboards)

Of course, a new TV, game console, computer monitor, or a sound bar are dream gift items for most gamers. But, they can be pricey and not necessarily be within the average gift giver’s budget. But, if I know a kid is saving up money to buy one, I might gift some cash to help them reach that goal. Or if I know they’re planning to buy one at a certain store, I may opt for a gift card to that store to help them out a little.

Game controllers are a close second to game consoles in terms of gift wishes. Gamers are pretty proprietary when they find the controller of their dreams. They are often loathe to give it up (or share it) for any reason. My kids would even go so far as to pack their own game controllers when going to a friend’s house to spend the night, like that kids’ controllers weren’t good enough.

But, I get it. They’re used to that particular one — how to hold it, how it feels in their hand, how to manipulate it, its special features. It’s like us old fogies and our remote controls, after a while you can operate it without even looking at it because you are familiar with that particular control and where each button is on it and how far to extend a finger to hit it. Get a new remote and it’s like having to learn to walk all over again. I get it.

Case in point, my oldest daughter is in her mid-twenties. She didn’t have an Xbox in her apartment because she couldn’t afford to buy one. She just had a couple of lonely Left For Dead video games sitting there with no way to play them. My husband offered one of our unused Xbox consoles, which she gratefully accepted.

My son took it upon himself to gather up the console to take to her apartment and get it set up for her. BUT, he said he was going to stop by Best Buy on the way there to buy her a controller because the one that went to this particular Xbox was his and he didn’t want to give it up. Apparently, it was a really expensive one with features (like rumble vibration) he really likes that he bought with his own money. So, I totally get it. And I thought that it was sweet of him to do for her.

Make sure you stick around to the end to find out the BEST EVER gift I’ve given my own not-so-little-anymore gamer!

Cam's Room-mouseMice are another good gift for gamers. No, not the squeaky, squirmy kind. The kind that are used to manipulate cursors on a computer screen or a character in a game. My younger daughter had a corded mouse that she hated because the cord got in the way and sometimes would trip her up in gaming.

Alex's Room-mouseSo, one year — yes, Black Friday shopping, lol — I found her a nice little wireless mouse as a gift. I got myself one, as well, though I don’t use it much since I primarily use the trackpad on my laptop for everything computing-related. Somehow, though, my mouse has found its way into her bedroom and been claimed in my daughter’s name and is thus no longer mine.

Just as with game controllers, there are a lot of different options when it comes to selecting a mouse. Different brands have different features, so it will help if you have an idea what your gift recipient wants a mouse to do if you are planning to gift one to them.

Cam's Room-closeup of headphonesEveryone in my house has noise-cancelling headphones. Honestly, I didn’t get the hype. (Plus, good ones are uber-expensive) But, then I got a pair of my own. <insert angels singing> I get it now. I’m not trapped listening to whatever my husband wants to watch on TV or his iPad. I can get out my own iPad, connect my wireless headphones, and listen to whatever I want, whether it’s a TV show or music, in total peace.

Here it is. The BEST EVER gift I’ve given my own not-so-little-anymore gamer!

If you think about it, no matter what you do on your computer you can’t do it without a keyboard. And, having a keyboard that is a chore to use or one that doesn’t have the features you need can be pretty aggravating.

I had no idea there was that much of a difference from one keyboard to another until one day I heard my son talking about his keyboard with his Dad. I didn’t catch all the game-related lingo, but I did get the gist of the conversation — that he was researching keyboards to try to find one that would be better for gaming.

Then, like much else in life, information about a gaming keyboard pretty much just fell into my lap. I read the specs about it. I watched a video about it. I looked for consumer reviews about it. It seemed pretty magical to me. I had no idea of the technological evolution that a simple thing like a computer keyboard could inspire.

ROCCAT Horde Aimo KeyboardI have no idea how to use it myself, but for my son’s birthday this year my husband and I gifted him the ROCCAT: Horde AIMO gaming keyboard. (Available at:, and

Usually, I’m pretty uncomfortable choosing the big stuff when it comes to gaming gifts. Computers, consoles, keyboards and the like are typically my husband’s department for researching and purchasing. I tend to stick to games, gift cards, game controllers, or other minor peripherals.

But, this one, I found and chose on my own. And, I think it’s pretty gorgeous, actually. I almost wish I was a hard core gamer so I could use it!

ROCCAT Horde Aimo KeyboardThe ROCCAT Horde AIMO is a membranical keyboard designed to enhance game play. And did I mention that it’s gorgeous? It’s sleek! When it’s lit up it’s kind of like sitting in a darkened room with only the Christmas tree lights illuminating the space and exuding a sort of magical atmosphere. And, it’s quiet, too. As I type this article on my laptop, the audible click of the keys is ever-present ambience noise. But, I hear none of that from my son’s room as he games, just the random shouting and other noises gamers make.

ROCCAT Horde Aimo KeyboardROCCAT Horde Aimo Keyboard

ROCCAT states that this keyboard is designed to be precise and highly responsive to key strokes, and it is that, for sure. I played around with it a little and I thought it was very easy to use. Thinking back on some keyboards I’ve used over the years, it was easy to recall how much I hated some of them. Some just had keys that didn’t feel good to me, others it was difficult and flow-interrupting to find the function keys I wanted to use, others caused strain in my hands and wrists. The ROCCAT Horde AIMO just seems very easy to use, and in an increasingly computer-based society that is really important.

ROCCAT Horde Aimo Keyboard

Also, the palm rest is detachable and it (like most keyboards) features the little legs on the bottom that can be opened to raise the head of the keyboard depending on your preference.

ROCCAT Horde Aimo Keyboard

Some highlights:

  • – Although membrane, it has the precision and feel of a mechanical keyboard
  • – First-of-its-kind keyboard with Windows 10 Dial functionality and can be customized to suit each gamer
  • – Membrane 2.0 technology and quick firing macro keys make it faster than standard membrane keyboards
  • – The AIMO intelligent Living Light lighting system adapts to your play the more it’s used and evolves when combined with additional AIMO products creating a unique lighting experience
  • – 16.8 million customizable colors for an array of color possibilities

Still, I was a little worried that my son (who is just about as tech-minded as my husband) would have found something he’d like better on his own.

But, I guess I should give myself a little more credit than I normally do. Because, he’s using it every day for gaming and school work. And, he really seems to like it!!! I can’t believe I picked out something that he likes!

How do I know he likes it? Well, he told me he likes it. He uses it daily. And he’s no longer talking about finding a new gaming keyboard. I mean, it’s pretty simple. And I’m still in awe that I did that!

I’m still just a tech noob, but I guess I don’t do too shabby when it comes to gifting to those who are in the know.

So, gamers, what did I miss? Leave your own gamer gift idea in the comments and maybe I’ll update the article to include it. You’ve got about six months or so to school me on this before the holidays come around and I might be sharing this article again as people start to buy gifts for their loved ones. Thanks in advance!!

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