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For me, a bath has always been a time for luxury, decadence, and relaxation. It’s a time to soak, to reflect, and to absorb–something that becomes all the more relevant when said bath water has extra benefits and ingredients within it! Bath salts are one particularly lovely way to enhance your bathing experience, and the Florida-based company Spice Labs has (among other things) an entire plethora of pure and beneficial salts, packaged in large and beautiful bottles to boot!

The three gorgeous bottles that I received contained Himalayan Pink Salt Bath Soak, the Piña Colada Green Tea Bath Salt Soak, and the Lemon Citrus Salt Bath Soak. The bottles are very large, beautiful milk bottles–perfect for bath decor and absolutely lovely for later use, as well!

Each bottle claims a few special and specific attributes; the Lemon Citrus Salt Bath Soak can help acne, and I had been having a larger breakout than normal, so I poured a generous helping of the bright, cheery yellow salts into my bath. My bath felt just as refreshing as always (since bath salts dissolve, they are not quite as obvious as, say, bath foam or bubble bath), but the real benefits came later. My acne had gone down by the next day!

The other two bath salts–one pink, one white with green leaves–both dissolved as well in later baths; they were more focused on relaxation, which is why I didn’t search for any specific results from them. I did notice, however, that because the Himalayan Salt and the Piña Colada Green Tea Salt both contained leaves or little green bits, they were a bit messier than the Lemon one. I found myself picking them out more often than not, but the benefits of those additional ingredients (like the Green Tea) are still worth it, particularly since a bath makes your skin so absorbent!

Overall, the Spice Lab has done a marvelous job with these salt soaks. They’re beautiful, they smell lovely (the lemon one smells the strongest), and they definitely enhanced my bathing experience. If you’re looking for something to ‘spice’ up your bath time, check out Spice Lab; they have plenty more to offer besides just bath salts! And if you stick with the bath salts, you’re in for one relaxing time!

Have a look at The Spice Lab’s website, Amazon, and Facebook ! Enjoy!

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  1. Jennifer Smith says

    I have tried bath salts many times before and I have tried various scents. I love the way you feel, like totally relaxed, or rejuvenated. I’m on board.

  2. They look great, I would love the Piña Colada Green Tea Bath Salt Soak

  3. Darcy L Koch says

    I would like to try bath salts. It would be a new experience for me.

  4. I would love to try these bath salts!! I love bath salts.

  5. denise low says

    Thank you for sharing. I would love to try out the lemon citrus.

  6. I have never tried out bath salts. They look very pretty!

  7. This is a cute idea. I agree having to pick out the pieces could get a bit annoying, but the scents sound great.

  8. I have to be very cautious with bath salts .. rashes etc.. but the one with greet tea I would try…..

  9. These do look lovely! I’d love to try the Green tea blend.

  10. tat2gurlzrock says

    These sound really nice. I love using bath salts to relax.

  11. I love bath salts. I’ll look into these since they sounds awesome!

  12. gloria patterson says

    I can only dream about soaking in a tub hip problems. These salts sound so good

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