Basic Lawn Care 101: Lawn Prep For Winter

With winter coming, there are a few maintenance tasks that should get done to your lawn before the first major frost.

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Why Prepare The Lawn For Winter?

One of the biggest reasons to prep your lawn for winter is to help keep your lawn looking lush, green and healthy when it comes out of dormancy in the spring. We usually change our lawn maintenance habits in the fall when the temperature begins to drop and the leaves begin to fall.

Mowing Changes

Continue to mow your lawn during the fall until the forecast for-sees a frost coming. Mow weekly as you normally would in the summer and spring, but reduce it to every two weeks as it begins to cool. Also, it is important to change your lawn mower settings. Typically in the spring, our lawn mower settings are at 2 1/2 inches, but in the Fall we lower it to 1 1/2 inches to help protect and prepare the grass.


This is great time to stock up your compost for the spring. If you have a multcher on your lawn mower, now is NOT the time to use it. Instead store your grass clippings and dried leaves in the driest corner of your yard and keep a tarp over it during the winter. You will be so glad you did once spring time comes, this will help kick start your lawn and gardens when it begins to get warm out again.


Yes, you still need to feed your grass! One last good feed in the late fall is all your lawn will need to get through the winter during dormancy. Make sure to choose an organic fertilizer (especially if you have children and animals) that is made for the fall. Feeding your lawn late in the fall will allow your grass to store food in the winter so it can come back strong in the spring.

Drink Up!

During the fall, your grass does not need that much water. But you should not completely stop watering, just reduce how much and how often you water by almost half. If you live in an area where it rains often during the fall, there may be no need to water at all. Once your temps begin to drop below 40 at night, there is no need to water your lawn anymore. Usually for us in the Northeast, we stop watering by mid October or earlier depending on the weather.

A Good Hose

The right tools make lawn care faster and easier. It is laborious work to maintain a healthy lawn, so having tools that are light enough so you’re least likely to get injured is a must.

Owning a hose is essential. Most are heavy, bulky and practically back breaking to drag around, especially if you have a large lawn. As much as installing an irrigation system seems to make life easier, not everyone can afford that piece of luxury.

The Premium Lightweight Garden Hose by Factory Direct Hose was a much needed tool for my lawn and garden. Currently we have a 100ft rubber hose that is back breaking to drag around the property. We decided to install the Premium Lightweight Garden Hose in the front of our house, where there is a smaller amount of land, but more hills.

The Premium Lightweight Garden Hose made watering our grass so much easier! I was not struggling to lug the hose around, it was much easier to maneuver and my favorite feature is that it did not kink!! The simple idea of a non-kink hose allowed me to work quickly and efficiently without needing to fix the hose over and over again while working.

There are no lead fittings on the Premium Lightweight Garden Hose, and everything is made of brass which is ideal for longevity. Since the gasket is food grade, there are no worries about taking a sip straight from the hose if your a little thirsty. The Premium Lightweight Garden Hose took a beating while in use, but still looks brand new! It is just as sturdy and durable as my back breaking rubber hose, but since it is made out of a lighter material called polyurethane, it was so much easier to handle!

Ready For Snow

Now that your lawn is prepped and ready for the winter, you can relax. There is no lawn maintenance during the winter. The snow allows the ground to freeze, protecting your lawn and allowing dormancy. Once spring time comes, your lawn will grow back beautiful, lush and green; the envy of the neighborhood!

What are some of your favorite tips or tools to help prepare your lawn for winter?

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