Stylish Performance Fashion for the Outdoors

Adidas Offers Stylish Performance Fashion

Stylish Performance Fashion for the Outdoors

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Autumn is in full swing and the weather is finally cooling down! My son and I have been back in California for almost a year now. This is his first year in California and my first year back in decades. I’m used to colder weather, snow, and rain! It’s been pretty steady weather here in California.

Get ready for stylish performance fashion for the outdoors!

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I’ve never owned any Adidas fashion pieces. I once tried to apply for their affiliate program and was denied. After that, I told myself, I wouldn’t buy their products. Regardless, I am humbled to receive two beautiful pieces from Adidas!

Adidas offers stylish performance fashion for the outdoors that can keep up with any lifestyle!

Women’s Swift Parley 2-Layer Jacket

With the weather cooling down, I wanted a stylish jacket to wear! I have a lightweight windbreaker that was great to have when it rained but the zipper broke, so I knew I needed a new one! The Women’s Swift Parley 2-Layer Jacket is perfect! It is lightweight and not bulky at all.

I was sent the wrong color which is fine. After trying it on, I love the blue color! The Women’s Swift Parley 2-Layer Jacket a sustainable jacket because it is made from reclaimed and recycled plastic waste!  I am all for sustainable clothing, so I feel proud wearing it!

I only have a few name brand clothing pieces, so I am very impressed with my new jacket! I’ll be looking for more Adidas because my son needs a nice lightweight jacket for school. My son has a nice fleece that keeps him warm so far, but I’d like for him to have another layer to wear as it gets colder.

Now that we’re living in California, I don’t think he needs a heavy coat.  I want an extra light layer for him to wear over his fleece.

Men’s Climawarm Jacket

I also wanted the Men’s Climawarm Jacket for my boyfriend. He works full time outside. He’s always running around, no matter what the weather is. He also received the wrong color, but it turns out, he wanted the Night Cargo (green) color! After he tried on the Men’s Climawarm Jacket, he was glad he chose the size he did as he was unsure!

Not only is the Men’s Climawarm Jacket great for rainy weather, but he also said he can easily see himself wearing it in the snow! He is very impressed with it.

We both love our new outerwear and will be wearing them as the weather gets colder!

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How do you play? Add stylish performance fashion for the outdoors, perfect for the whole family!

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  1. Alina says

    Love that these options are not only fashionable but functional. Living in Michigan where it gets very cold it’s hard to find both but I think these are it!

  2. Alicia Hewitt says

    Upstate New York gets so cold in the winter. These jackets would come in handy, and they’re so stylish.

  3. Livi says

    I love Adidas, that tan one looks really nice. Great review!

  4. I would love to get the tan Adidas jacket for my grandson. He would love it!

  5. Casey Garvey says

    That jacket is stylish and cute! It would be great for the MI weather!

  6. Nancy says

    These are nice

  7. Casey Garvey says

    Adidas has always been a brand I know and use outdoors or for excercise! Ive always had a great experience with their products!

  8. Dianna Thomas says

    Adidas has been around for a great while– so they must be doing something right. I have to say I love the few items that I have with this brand–be it jacket to shirt to shoes they wear well, and last forever.

  9. Janie Bradley says

    I love Adidas clothes, shoes and everything. One of the best brands. I always buy whenever I can.

  10. Nancy Johnson says

    So cute and stylish

  11. Julie says

    Thanks for a great post about Adidas. My family and I love the brand. We are in the market for new jackets, so we will be looking into these.

  12. Dianna Thomas says

    I love all the pieces of Adidas I have– they wear well for a long time

  13. sinyte says

    the jackets look so warm! We love Adidas brand.

  14. Robyn Fredieu-Cole says

    Thanks for the thorough review! We’ve been looking to get new jackets.

  15. Michelle N says

    These jackets looks great. We live in the South so we only use a coat a few days a year, however we do go to Nebraska and South Dakota often so these would be great for our trips up north.

  16. Michelle N says

    These look warm and cozy, perfect for the cold rainy day we’re having right now.

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