A Waterbase Pillow That Improves Your Sleep

A Waterbase Pillow That Improves Your Sleep
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Do you have a hard time getting sleep at night? Is the reason your pillow? I’ve been having a hard time finding the right pillow for me. Most of the reason is that I’m allergic to feathers, and there are a lot of pillows that are just too plush. Because of the severity of my allergies and breathing problems, I have to be lifted a little bit. A pillow too plush will make it feel like I’m just laying flat on the mattress, causing some breathing problems.

I was given the opportunity to test out the Floating Comfort Waterbase Pillow. The claims of the pillow are that it’s clinically shown to improve sleep over all other pillows test. You can customize and adjust to your preferred support. In other words, this is everything that I’m looking for in a pillow.  The pillow size is 20 x 28, so I don’t have a case for it just yet, but that never bothers me.

Floating Comfort Front of Packaging

Floating Comfort Back of Packaging

With the Floating Comfort Waterbase Pillow, you’re sleeping on a soft layer of COMBEDLoft Fiber. The thermal insulator is what’s surrounding the water layer. The exclusive, adjustable aqua support pouch will provide responsive support while you’re sleeping. The Floating Comfort Waterbase Pillow was ranked best of all pillows tested*. What was it ranked best at:

  • How fast subjects fell asleep
  • How few times subjects woke up
  • Perception of sleep compared to normal
  • Overall quality of sleep
  • Reduction of neck pain

I’ve been having some problems sleeping. In fact, my doctor wants me to do a sleep study to see if it’s my migraines keeping me up, or because of my breathing problems caused by my allergies. Or if it’s something else. I still haven’t had that done, but I did give the Floating Comfort Waterbase Pillow a go!

I will say that I haven’t had as much neck pain. I’m not going to say that it’s completely gone away, and that might be because I toss and turn a lot and my pillow ends up halfway off my bed. I did sleep better than with my normal pillow, but still found myself waking up in the middle of the night. However, I didn’t wake up as much as I’ve done in the past.

Floating Comfort Waterbased Pillow Placed on Bed

The only thing I have to say is that I was always nervous something will pop and the water will leak out. I have a 15 lb cat who loves to jump on my bed and dig his paws into my face when he wants attention. He always likes to dig into the pillow because he’ll sleep up against it. I couldn’t help but spend a lot of time thinking he would pop something. Just something worth noting if your fur babies love sleeping near you at night.

Other than that, I’m absolutely loving the Floating Comfort Waterbase Pillow, and I may have to get a second one so everything looks even when I make my bed. Gotta have that bed looking Instagram ready!

*Clinical study of Waterbase pillow conducted at the Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine.

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  1. Gabrielle says

    That sounds well worth trying. I could definitely use better sleep (and less neck pain).

  2. mami2jcn says

    My husband would like to try it.

  3. I think this would be perfect for my fiancé. Thanks for reviewing it.

  4. kristamiller5425 says

    Ehhhh, I think I’d be nervous about the water leaking out.

  5. Kelly Kimmell says

    I’m not so sure about having water in my bed. I’d be afraid that it would leak during the night.

  6. Lanie says

    I have had a pillow very similar and I could not get past the sploshing sound of the water. It was pretty comfy but it took some getting used to and I did not have the patience to wait lol

  7. denise low says

    I would love to try this pillow out. Pillows are very important for a person to get a good nights sleep.

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