A Safe Phone Every Tween And Teen Should Own

When shopping for your child’s first phone, the prices and plans can be absolutely astounding. Contracted plans can start at $49 and phones can reach upwards to $1,000! It is no wonder why parents are hesitant to purchase a phone for their child.

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In all honesty, kids do not need the fancy apps and unlimited internet access. Especially when these devices can easily break and cost hundreds of dollars to fix. Let’s not forget about the huge influx of cyber bullying and social media addiction. So when considering a new phone for your tween or teen, how about getting back to the basics with a simple phone that brings peace of mind.

Back to the Basics: A Safer Phone

Gabb Wireless instantly grabbed my attention after reviewing what they had to offer. Everything about Gabb Wireless is impressive, from their stance on having a phone service for your child that is not only safe, but also affordable. The Gabb Z2 looks exactly like your typical smart phone. It has the unique finger print sign in, blue tooth enabled and contains 14 basic yet essential apps already pre-loaded onto the phone.

Gabb Wireless has a camera for taking videos, photos and selfies; a calculator, clock and voice recorder. The FM radio and music are ideal for entertainment. The phone and messaging (MMS) along with contact lists allows your child to get ahold of whomever they need to.

Gabb Wireless is ideal for any parent who has been weary about purchasing a phone due to the controversial and dangerous social media realm. Let’s not forget the sky rocketing prices of phones and plans. The price point on the Gabb Z2 is only $99.99, and there are two plans you can choose from; $19.99 and $24.99. The best part, there is no ridiculous contract that you are locked into. For the first time you can say ‘goodbye‘ to long term contracts and have a basic month-to-month payment at an affordable price.

With the Gabb Z2, you do not need to constantly monitor or use parental controls since there are no apps to download or internet access. This means your child will not be glued to their phone. This allows peace of mind knowing their chances of being addicted to social media or being cyber bullied will be decreased drastically.

My favorite feature of Gabb Wireless is the GPS tracking. If there is ever an emergency where you could not get ahold of your child, or simply the phone was misplaced or even lost; the GPS tracking software can easily pinpoint where the phone is.

My 13 year old daughter recently started high school out of district. So I knew I had to get her a phone in case of emergencies, but I was always hesitant. When she received her Gabb phone she was ecstatic! She did not even care that there was no internet or fancy apps. She just loved the idea that she can message and talk to her friends from the old district!

I honestly can say as a parent, Gabb Wireless gave me so much relief. I loved knowing I can reach my daughter or she can reach me whenever needed. Especially if she has extra-curricular activities, her bus was running late or she needed to ask permission to go to a friends house. That constant connection put me at ease not only to allow her to have some freedom, but also knowing that there is no access to social media or any other possible dangerous sites and apps.

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Are you ready to get your tween or teen their first phone this holiday season?

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