A Protein Drink For Your Sweet Tooth

A Protein Drink For Your Sweet Tooth - WelleCo Super Elixir Nourishing Protein Drink

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WelleCo was envisioned by supermodel, Elle MacPherson, who struggled with flagging energy due to unbalanced body pH even though she lives a very healthy lifestyle. She partnered with two other women, Andrea Bux and Dr. Simone Laubscher, to create a product line to offer a healthy and easy-to-use product to support a balanced body pH and provide other essential nutrients for those who wish to live a healthier life.

WelleCo’s Super Elixir™ Nourishing Protein is a whey-free, plant-based protein drink mix designed to complement their Alkalising Greens programme. It contains all nine essential amino acids, nutrients to balance blood-sugar levels, fibre, stress-fighting B-vitamins and more. Raw Peruvian Cacao gives it a delicious chocolate taste.


WelleCo Super Elixir Nourishing Protein Travel Set

WelleCo Super Elixir™ Nourishing Protein is an all-natural plant based protein powder that is available in a canister or in easy on-the-go packets. It’s formulated with ingredients from peas, dandelions, pomegranates, organic sprouted brown rice and pea protein with Raw Peruvian Cacao for a delicious chocolate taste. It is also non-GMO and contains USDA Organic pea & brown rice protein.

WelleCo recommends adding Nourishing Protein to very cold almond milk or rice milk, as an ingredient in a smoothie or dissolved in filtered water. It’s not intended to be heated, however, as that can destroy the healthfulness of the ingredients. It can provide an energy boost, so you should drink it in the morning or during the day, but not near bedtime so that it doesn’t interfere with your sleep. Pregnant women should consult a dietician and/or their doctor before using the product, as well, to make sure it’s appropriate to use during their pregnancies.

For those who are dieting or working to maintain weight loss, this can be a great help as each serving contains only 117 calories and 2.1 g of fat, a whopping 15.2g of protein, and may increase your metabolism.

WelleCo Super Elixir Nourishing Protein Travel Set

Benefits you can expect:

  • Maintenance of blood sugar levels as part of a healthy balanced diet
  • The fiber will help you feel full longer
  • Acai helps with  free radical elimination
  • B vitamins for anti-stress benefits
  • Digestive enzymes help boost your metabolism


Personally, I’m not really a fan of almond or rice milk, I prefer 2% dairy milk. While I thought the Nourishing Powder was good when used in milk, I really loved it when I added it to smoothies. I’m not exactly a workout junkie, but I do like to try to eat healthy (most of the time). Like Elle MacPherson, I tend to deal with flagging energy at times so I was really interested in the company’s claim that this product could provide an energy boost. I did notice after a few days of using the Nourishing Powder in smoothies or dissolved in milk that I did have more energy during the day. Now that the box is empty, I’m looking to possibly purchase a container (or a box of packets) of the product to have on hand for myself and my daughters to use on a more regular basis.

It will be really helpful to be able to tuck these packets into my bag when I’m busy dragging my kids all over the place, running errands or traveling since I don’t always pay attention to eating when I’m really busy. It will be helpful to have along when I go walking because I usually like to have some kind of snack afterwards, though healthy options aren’t always very appealing to me in those moments. It’s pretty easy to talk myself into a “treat” afterwards sometimes.

What products do you use to take care of your health? Have you tried WelleCo’s Super Elixir™ Nourishing Protein?

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Disclaimer: I was provided the product shown free of charge to facilitate review. No other compensation was received. All opinions are 100% my own.






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