A High Quality Makeup Brand Designed For The Modern Woman

Alima PURE Products in original packaging
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I’m always on the hunt for the next great brand to discover. While I always stick to the brands that I know and trust the best, I want to expand my collection and start trying products from brands that are completely new to me. I recently had the opportunity to test out products from Alima PURE, a luxurious beauty company that makes high-quality products for the modem woman.

We’re excited to introduce A High Quality Makeup Brand Designed For The Modern Woman!

We were sent a variety of makeup products to try. Let us know what you think.

Alima PURE Face Products

For face products, I was sent the Pressed Foundation in Nutmeg ($34) and the Foundation Brush ($38). I also have the Cream Concealer in Dew ($28) and the Concealer Brush ($25). Because we’re going into the summer months, I prefer a powder foundation. It just works best for my combination oily skin. The foundation was just a smidge too dark, but you honestly couldn’t tell. It went on nicely with the foundation brush and was easy to blend out evenly. With powder foundation, if you don’t apply it correctly, you’ll see areas of the face where the foundation is darker since you applied more there without blending it out.

Are you searching for a luxury brand to try? Keep reading to learn more about a high quality makeup brand designed for the modern woman!

The concealer is really nice. I went with a lighter shade to brighten up the under eye area. My eye is really dry, and if I don’t apply an eye cream, this concealer will crease on me. This isn’t anything new and happens with pretty much any concealer that I use.

A high quality makeup brand designed for the modern woman!

Both brushes are really nice. I’m actually LOVING the foundation brush, and it’s perfect for powder and loose powder foundation. I don’t see why you can’t use it with liquid makeup, but I don’t have any to test it out with. The concealer brush is really good and blending out the concealer. While I do like this, there’s one from another, that I prefer from another brand more because it’s round like a fingertip.

We found a high quality makeup brand designed for the modern woman!  What are your thoughts?

Alima PURE Concealer Brush up close

Alima PURE Eye Products

For the eyes, I have two really beautiful, natural eye shadow shades in Icon and Mirage ($26) From Alima PURE. While you can wear these two shades together, I picked these out to wear on their own. Just a quick wash of color on the eyes and my favorite mascara. And that’s it! These blend like a dream, and with the right primer, they last throughout the day. The better the primer, the longer they last. The only thing I’m not a fan of is the scent that I smell. It’s not strong enough to get irritating or cause me to sneeze or get a migraine, but it’s definitely important to make note of it.

Alime Pure Eyeshadow in icon

Alime Pure Eyeshadow in Mirage

Overall Thoughts

I’m really impressed with the makeup and brushes from Alima PURE. The prices are on point and not too expensive. With the foundation and concealer, it’s a little tricky to choose the right shades if you’re not familiar with the brand, but it’s still worth checking out. I’m loving the foundation and how it looks on my skin.

My makeup looks great and using quality brushes help too.

Are you looking for a high quality makeup brand designed for the modern woman?  It’s time to try Alima PURE.

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