Makeup for Multi-Taskers: A Beautiful Face In One Makeup Kit

Makeup for Multi-Taskers: A Beautiful Face In One Makeup Kit
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I didn’t know much about ULTA Beauty before reviewing this makeup set; I’m usually more of a Sephora person. But, I was still very pleased with this opportunity to try some of ULTA Beauty’s products out for myself (especially in a kit that included makeup for the entire face!) so I approached my review with vim and vigor!

The packaging of the ULTA Beauty Beautiful Face Kit was a little underwhelming; in photographs, the black makeup cases look sleek and stylish, but in reality they actually seem to be made of something akin to cardboard. As one of my family members pointed out, the packaging was more reminiscent of a tween’s first makeup kit than of an adult’s kit. But, texture aside, the packages still look fairly ‘sleek and stylish’ from afar.

ULTA Beautiful Face Kit Eye-Shadow Palette

First, I tried the eye shadow palette. I loved the colors–and their wonderful names! Topaz! Moonstone!–but was actually very disappointed when I began to try them. The two-headed brush was soft and pliable, which I really liked (when an eye-shadow brush is too rough, it can really put a damper on beautifying yourself). But when I tried to cover one brush (the bigger end of the two) with some eye shadow, I quickly discovered that it picked up very little product!

The same rang true for the other, smaller side of the brush (the blending end) as well; no matter how much I tried to add, the brush refused to add more than a tiny bit of color. This resulted in a simple smoky eye that not only took a much longer time to construct than it normally does, but that was also far more difficult to create. The eye shadows did not blend very well and were very hard to control, meaning that my eye makeup looked more like a “blotchy” mess (according to a family member) than a structured look.

Overall, I was disappointed in the eye shadows, particularly since their vibrancy had implied that they would be luscious, pigmented colors that I could use to create striking makeup looks. On the upside, if you are someone who is new to makeup–or who just really prefers a very, very subtle makeup look–then this might be the palette for you. Just focus on using the lighter, shimmery colors more than the dark, matte ones, since the lighter ones will be a lot more forgiving when you’re struggling to blend them. Another upside? These colors (in theory) are colors that could work on almost anyone, even if they are unwieldy.

ULTA Beautiful Face Kit Blush and Highlighter Palette

Feeling rather discouraged, I moved on to the blush and highlighter palette. I was very excited about the blush, Dahlia, since it had a peachy appearance that really appealed to me. I wasn’t wrong to be excited; Dahlia was great! It was indeed a soft, peachy color, and the two-sided blush/contour brush is really excellent–but ironically, even though the eye shadows were not very pigmented, this blush was the opposite. It would be very, very easy to overdo it with this blush–so only apply a little at a time.

The highlighters (Lily and Daisy) ended up being the only ones in the middle ground; they made a difference and weren’t incredibly pigmented–which makes them ideal for subtle makeup!

ULTA Beautiful Face Kit Lip Palette

I love lip color, and this lip palette had a lot of variety, ranging from a light caramel nude (Boho) to a deep, dark purple (Trance). These colors all looked like ones that could flatter every skin tone, and the lip brush that comes inside the palette was a wonderful tool for application! The lip colors have a rather creamy texture, not matte or glossy, and they also don’t leave much residue on drinking glasses.

Like I mentioned earlier, the packaging is not very high-quality–but the lip colors inside are fantastic, and so are their names! They are also very buildable (especially the lighter, nude colors) when applied with the lip brush, so take your time applying your lipstick and enjoy the experience!

One more note about the lip palette: two of these colors did not actually match their appearance when it came to application. The two lightest colors, Boho and Feather, both did, and so did the delightfully dark Trance–but Free Spirit actually had much more pink than its red-orange color might suggest, and Gypsy was actually fuchsia!

ULTA Beautiful Face Kit Blush and Contour Brush, Lip Brush, Eyeshadow Brush

The ULTA Beauty Beautiful Face Kit has a lot of makeup to cover in just one set, and it puts on a pretty good show. The packaging could definitely be improved, and the eye shadow palette was rather disappointing for those of us who enjoy constructing elaborate smoky eyes; but the cheek palette, the lip palette, and the brushes were great!

My suggestion? Skip the eye shadow (unless you would use one of the light or shimmery colors, and apply just a little to the center of your eyelids) and create a makeup look that focuses just on your lips. With a perfectly painted lip and just a small amount of blush or highlighter from the cheek palette, you’ll have a radiant and polished look that does, indeed, fit with your own Beautiful Face!

And one last great thing about ULTA Beauty’s makeup? Its ‘ULTA Beauty’ collection is cruelty-free, whereas Sephora cannot say the same about its own ‘Sephora’ collection.

Like this makeup set? Find it at ULTA Beauty!

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