4 Steps To Glowing Skin

Now that summer is coming to an end, it’s time to take a look at my beauty products and get rid of the old or the products I haven’t used and focus on products perfect for cold weather! The weather is cooling down, you can still find your glow! We share 4 steps to glowing skin

When it comes to self-care, consider pampering your skin with skin loving products, such as body oil, sugar scrub, and body butter. Uncover glowing skin.

4 Steps To Glowing Skin
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When the weather starts changing, it reminds me to clean! I just started this week, going through my bathroom. I am getting rid of beauty products that are a few years old and those I have not used in awhile. I love cleaning out my cupboards and such. It seems clutter just piles up so quickly! How often do you clean and go through your stuff? 

It’s also a great time to discover new products and brands! 

4 steps to glowing skin

Glowing face with a face serum

FACTORFIVE Regenerative Serum

I was sent FACTORFIVE Regenerative Serum to try! I like that it is lightweight and absorbs quickly into my skin. The very first time I tried the face serum, I had already applied my makeup. I was so excited to try it, I applied it right over my makeup without messing anything up! 

I use one pump of the face serum morning and evening after cleansing and using facial oil. Then I follow up with a moisturizer. My skin feels soft and smooth, without looking greasy! The product helps your skin learn to repair itself, even after a long day in the sun! Which is perfect since I love going for walks throughout the day! 

Glowing body with a sugar scrub

I was really excited to try Ornami. I rarely get to pamper my skin so I was so excited to try the “No Scrubs” EX-Foliator Sugar Scrub, “Let That Mango” Body Butter, and “Glo Getta” Body Oil

“No Scrubs” EX-Foliator Sugar Scrub

Sugar scrub

The “No Scrubs” EX-Foliator Sugar Scrub is so soothing and a great way to massage my skin. My skin was feeling rough and dry and just one little application, I feel renewed! I use just a little bit of the sugar scrub for each body part and just enjoy the light massage. 

“Let That Mango” Body Butter

Body butter

After showering, I then get to treat my skin to the “Let That Mango” Body Butter! The body butter is hard, however, you just need a little bit and allow it to melt in your hands. Then apply to your skin! I love the scent. I could smell it for hours after applying! It smells fresh and clean, without being overwhelming. 

I rarely use scented beauty products, so the scent is perfect. It’s not super strong. It’s very subtle and beautiful!

Body oil

“Glo Getta” Body Oil

After applying the body butter, I had to try the “Glo Getta” Body Oil! Since it adds shimmer, I only used it on my decollete, shoulders, and arms! The body oil does not add a glittery look to where you look like you were rolling around in glitter. It is a very subtle and sexy shimmer. I would wear this on a sexy date night or day out! Any way you wear it, you’ll be feeling confident and sexy! Another bonus, the body oil has a delicious and sexy scent! Boom! No need for perfume. You already smell sexy with body oil! 

Glowing skin with 4 products is possible

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