4 Easy Ways To Brighten Your Look

I have my favorite brands and products. However, every few months (usually every season), I am reminded to go through my beauty products and switch them out. Whether I need to use a different type of product for changes in weather or I want to try something new! We found 4 easy ways to brighten your look! Take the time to go through your beauty stash and make the necessary changes!

4 Easy Ways To Brighten Your Look
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I love trying new makeup. I am always going through my makeup to make sure I am no longer holding on to products I no longer use. This also helps make room for new products! 

Brighten Your Face

Crystal Clear 5-Piece Cruelty Free Brush Collection

If you’re looking to brighten your face, it starts with quality makeup brushes. I found PUR Cosmetics Crystal Clear 5-Piece Cruelty Free Brush Collection. The PUR Cosmetics brushes are incredibly soft on my skin, vegan and cruelty-free. I have other brushes that stiff and not soft at all. The PUR Cosmetics brushes are very gentle on my skin. 

Crystal Clear Jumbo Highlight Bronzer Palette

To brighten your face, the Crystal Clear Jumbo Highlight & Bronzer Palette is the perfect addition to your makeup collection. This one compact includes bronzer and highlight in one! I have many other highlighters and this one really adds a bold highlight that I want! The colors are blendable too. I can choose to use a specific color or mix them and apply. 

Brighten Your Hair

My hair has been through the wringer lately. I recently had to get a new water heater and water purification system (which also acts as a water softener). I was showering with hard water for months, which was horrible on my hair and skin! My skin looked and felt dry and itchy. My hair would get so tangled, even when I used conditioner. After several months of using hard water, I knew I had to boost and brighten my hair with tender loving care! 

Happiness Hydrate Set

I found the Happiness Hydrate Set with Le Belle Backpack, and it’s helping to repair and hydrate my hair. I love the backpack as I can easily use it to go to the gym or run errands! It’s lightweight and carries my necessities!  My hair needs major conditioning and the Happiness Hydrate Set is helping to repair my hair. 

Giving – Volume Kit

I have straight hair. There are times when I want to boost my hair with natural volume without having to use hot tools! The Giving – Volume Kit is just the kit I needed!  I love when my hair has that natural bounce and the Giving – Volume Kit helps boost my hair and tame that frizz! 

Both hair kits make great gifts too!

Are you looking to update your look? What do you think of our 4 Easy Ways To Brighten Your Look?

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