3 Ways to Manage Your Indoor Lifestyle

We are spending so much time at home and indoors due to Coronavirus. Californians are stuck inside due to the fires. With our air quality so bad, I am so thankful for our air purifiers! Today, we share 3 ways to manage your indoor lifestyle.

3 Ways to Manage Your Indoor Lifestyle
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My son and I moved into our own home almost two years ago. I love the area we live in. I love having our own home too! Sometimes it is stressful being a homeowner all on my own but I am doing my best to juggle it all.

Manage indoor temperature

I can tell that my bedroom is the warmest room in the house. It almost feels stuffy when there is no air movement. I am thankful I have a ceiling fan in my room. The rest of the home is nice and a bit cooler. Sometimes, our home needs gentle air movement. 

Instead of turning on the air conditioner just to cool the whole house down, I wanted a fan that I could use in our small home! 

I found a fan/heater combo product that is perfect for our living space. 

pureComfort YEAR-ROUND

The pureComfort YEAR-ROUND from Greentech Environmental may be compact but it sure is mighty! Not only is it a fan but also a heater.

With winter right around the corner, the pureComfort YEAR-ROUND will come in handy! Our first winter in our home, I didn’t use the heater at all, except the rare few minutes here and there. I used a space heater. When we first moved in, we didn’t have furniture for the first two months or so! Since we were usually in one or two rooms, the space heater worked for us! 

The second year, I barely used the heater as well. Plus, my son was at school during the day.

This year may be different. I have since had a new HVAC system installed, plus we now have a Nest Thermostat. Not only that, we’re not sure when my son will return to in-person classroom! Whatever I need to do, I will do my best to conserve energy because my bills are much higher this year!

pureComfort YEAR-ROUND side view

Since my son and I spend most of our day in the main living area, the pureComfort YEAR-ROUND will be perfect for us! I can use the heat setting to gently warm us up without having to heat up the whole house!

Manage indoor air

As soon as Fall weather comes around, I notice my skin is dry! Even after applying body oil! Sometimes I layer with body lotion and still, my skin feels dry!

American Red Cross Remote Control Ultrasonic Humidifier with remote

I am so excited to add the American Red Cross Remote Control Ultrasonic Humidifier from The First Years.

I also wanted a humidifier to help with my asthma, add humidity for my houseplants, and to improve our overall indoor air when the weather starts to cool down!

The Remote Control Ultrasonic Humidifier is extremely easy to set up, clean, and use! I especially love the remote!

I love using the Remote Control Ultrasonic Humidifier throughout the day and evening. There are 3 levels of humidity and I use level 2 or 3 when I am using it in the main living space!

American Red Cross Remote Control Ultrasonic Humidifier

When I use the Remote Control Ultrasonic Humidifier in my bedroom, I use the lowest humidity setting since I leave it going overnight.

It is so easy to clean and maintain. I love that I can add a few drops of essential oil to the water if I want as well! I clean it every few days, no filters to clean or replace either. 

Manage indoor security

Earlier this year, I added my first security camera to our home. It sits on our mantle in the living room and captures our front door and main living area! It is perfect for me because it was simple to set up!

Invidyo Baby Monitor with parts

I am just starting respite care for my son as there are a few things I’d like to accomplish! In the past, I never really used respite care because he was in school and I could schedule my appointments while he was at school. 

Since we will be having strangers in our home while I am not home, I wanted another camera to be able to see different angles of our home! I am so excited to add the Invidyo Baby Monitor from Invidyo to our home!

While the Invidyo Baby Monitor is a baby monitor it can also be used as a security camera which is perfect! It was easy to set up and now I am able to see a different angle of our home!

While it doesn’t record the entire time, it does record once it senses movement! The clips automatically show up on the app and I can view them any time!

Invidyo Baby Monitor on bookshelf

I am so excited that I received the Invidyo Baby Monitor before our first respite appointment! I have the ability to check in on my son even when I am away from home.

As a single mom, I am very grateful for products like the Invidyo Baby Monitor as the set up was easy and I have peace of mind!

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