3 Houseplants That Brighten Your Space

National Relaxation Day is August 15th! This is a holiday to remind everyone to take a break, a step back from their stressful and restless lives. In other words, take time to smell the proverbial roses, so to speak! This is your day to go for a walk, do an activity you enjoy, think about what brings you joy and do it! For me, I love houseplants. I have my home decorated with houseplants. Let’s talk about 3 houseplants that brighten your space! 

3 Houseplants That Brighten Your Space

Houseplant Community

As an indoor jungle enthusiast, we have built a fun, accepting, and understanding houseplant community. You can find us: 

Houseplant Addicts Fan Page

Houseplant Addicts (main group)

Houseplant Addicts Turned Up (this group is not for everyone. In this group, we share our unique and fun humorous side.)

Houseplant Addicts Buy, Sell, and Swap

Even though I love houseplants, I am always learning from fellow group members. I learn how others care for their plants. I also discover new plants that I want. 

Let’s dive into a few of the most wanted houseplants out there. Of course, depending on your location, these may be rare, hard to find, or those you want to add to your collection! 


Let’s talk pothos. Pothos are the perfect starter plant for newbies! These are easy to care for, just set them near a window (not in direct sun). These do well at work because they adapt to low light environments. If you don’t have a window near your desk or office, you can still have pothos on your desk. 

The only type of pothos I have ever had in my collection are the Marble Queen and Devil’s Ivy. We’ve had to move so often, I had to rebuild my jungle each time! 

If you’re looking to brighten your desk, office, or room, we have three plants to share with you! 

Add Blue

I discovered the Cebu Blue Pothos in our community. I didn’t quite understand why they were so popular and people explained that it’s because they have a silver-blue color to their leaves! 

Cebu Blue Pothos

As you can see, the Cebu Blue Pothos (aka Epipremnum pinnatum ‘Cebu Blue’) have a distinctive look! 

Since this is a new plant, I am still trying to understand how and when I should water it. I have this plant in my living room with indirect light from my patio. 

Add Variegation

Variegated houseplants are a beautiful and natural way to add a unique look! Each variegation is different, so no two leaves are the same. The Majula Pothos is another plant I discovered in our houseplant community! 

Manjula Pothos

I just love the splash of color on the leaves. The Manjula Pothos (aka Epipremnum aureum ‘Manjula’) features a quirky look to any space with their creamy-white leaves edged and variegated in green! 

Add Neon

Need to add a bright spot in your space? Try the Neon Pothos (aka Epipremnum aureum ‘Neon’). Like the name suggests, they are literally a bright neon color! 

Neon Pothos

The Neon Pothos show off bright green leaves! I have wanted the Neon Pothos for years. I used to see it at the store and just admire the bright colors. I am glad I waited until now to add it to my collection. 

The Cebu Blue Pothos, Majula Pothos, and Neon Pothos all do well in low light. Whether you want to add color to your work space, or any room in your home, pothos are perfect and low maintenance plants! 

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The best way to expand your collection or even share your love of houseplants is to take cuttings and root them. Pothos cuttings can be rooted in water or directly in potting soil! However, rooting directly in water is a fun way to watch your plants grow roots! 

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  1. Nerlande says

    Can’t wait to try this idea out one day.

  2. Tracie Cooper says

    I would love a neon pothos!

  3. Linda Manns Linneman says

    I just love plants. They add so much to a room. I also like that they help purify the air in our homes. This article really gave me some great suggestions. Thank you so much for sharing

  4. Christina Gould says

    I didn’t know there were houseplant communities online. That is really cool. Thanks for sharing!

  5. Jessica Walker says

    I need to get houseplants. I do think they make homes more homey.

  6. Kelly Kimmell says

    Wow, these plants are all so pretty. They would make a nice addition to any room.

  7. Barrie says

    I love how green and bright these plants are! WIsh I could remember to water plants!

  8. Sandy Klocinski says

    Awesome idea! Plants can make a room more aesthetically pleasing. Thanks for sharing

  9. Lydia Goodman says

    Great info, I think I might get one or two of these when I move to my new place.

  10. I love the pothos plant. I love to root them. I always have one of these.

  11. Gail Williams says

    I am ready to get some new houseplants. These plants are easy to propagate from clippings. Great info.

  12. Elizabeth Tarlow says

    Love these beautiful Pothos plants! I just started some cuttings!

  13. Brandon Sparks says

    All great ideas. Thanks so much for sharing..

  14. Dana Rodriguez says

    Your plants are so pretty. I love how they brighten up your home!

  15. Tony Platz says

    Love plants they make any room feel homier.

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