2021 Spring Trend-Statement Pieces Are The New Fashion

Springtime fashion in 2021 has a new definition–statement pieces. These days, the best way to make an impression is with something that stands out and grabs your attention. Statement pieces are easy to find this season, but you’ll have to get creative if you want one of these statement-making trends for yourself! 

“Springtime fashion in 2021 is all about the statement. You need to be loud and proud, but not too much so that you’re a walking meme.”


Oh, thank goodness. We are in the midst of an excellent trouser revolution! From now on, you’ll be going from your comfy sweatpants to wearing stylish oversized trousers that will make you look and feel like an adult with all the comforts of those old slacks we’ve wanted for years anyway. I like to wear oversized trousers because they are comfy and I can move around easily.


2021 Spring Trend- Scarves

The Parisian glamour of headscarves is in full swing, and it’s here to stay. Rihanna and Bella Hadid have been rocking them lately- but now they’re more popular than ever! Headscarves are no longer just a fashion accessory; instead, women wear them as powerful symbols representing their heritage or faith while also highlighting the beauty surrounding diversity.


The new trend in sweaters is clingy and lightweight – perfect for the spring season. According to designers, clothes should fit “tight-to-the skin” using a light material that hugs your body without being too tight or uncomfortable. One of the best things about sweaters is you can wear them all year round. They’re also great for fashion and come in a wide variety of shapes, shades, sizes, and designs.


Gold jewelry has been a staple accessory for many years. Whether it’s your mom’s wedding ring or your grandma’s gold chain from way back that you can usually find at least one piece of this precious metal in most people’s jewelry collections. But unlike the elaborate pieces that were more ceremonial than anything else, these days are changing, and gold is taking over in an exciting twist; statement bracelets with bold hoop earrings seem to be popping up everywhere!


2021 Spring Trend-White Sneakers

White sneakers are an excellent choice for spring when it’s not quite hot enough for sandals but too warm for booties. With white sneaks, you can add some freshness to your look that’ll make the transition from winter to summer even more enjoyable! When they inevitably get dirty on those early-spring walks in nature with all of its mud and puddles, throw them into the washing machine; just like new again!


Spring is coming! But if you are like me and want to be prepared for the unpredictable shifts in weather that it brings with its arrival, then a light jacket will do. A trench coat or cashmere cardigan worn around your waist can provide an extra layer of protection from April showers or even cool spring days. This way, when rain strikes unexpectedly, there isn’t any worry about getting soaked because your option was already on hand!


The spring season is a great time to buy new purses. They’re not only stylish and fashionable, but they also help keep your most essential belongings safe! Speaking of purses, you need a purse for every season! Springtime is the perfect opportunity to get a fun bag that matches your new spring outfit. Purses are a great accessory to have as there are many different styles, and they come in all sorts of shapes.

2021 Spring Trend- Bold purses

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Spring is a time for new beginnings, and the trends reflect that. This year we see statement pieces of all shapes and sizes as the main focus in fashion–trousers, scarves, sweaters, jewelry, shoes, purses, and jackets! 

In this blog post, we discussed how to start incorporating these trend ideas into your wardrobe, starting with one piece at a time. Tell us which trend was your favorite? And if there’s anything else from our list you want to see more of, just let us know by commenting below!

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