2 Sustainable & Reusable Products That Every Home Needs

For the past four years I have been trying my best to be ‘better‘ in regards to using only sustainable and reusable products. There are some areas where I am absolutely kicking butt in, and others I need a little help.We managed to find two products with a cause and purpose that we absolutely fell in love with and needed to share with our readers.

A Sustainable & Reusable Cotton Round

According to WWF (World Wildlife Fund), cotton production is the largest user of water among all agricultural commodities. It takes 2640 gallons of clean drinking water to produce 1000 regular cotton rounds.

The Last Object

Let me start out with this disclaimer to please don’t come for me for what I am about to say. On average I use 2-4 cotton rounds A DAY when wiping my face down with micellar water. I just cringed a little when I typed that statement. I pay anywhere between $6-$8 for a package of cotton rounds per month, and now that I got my hands on The Last Round, I feel so guilty with all the waste that I have created.

When I found out The Last Object launched another product, I was ecstatic! I am already a huge fan of The Last Swab, especially their beauty swab that I consider a holy grail product when cleaning up my makeup mistakes.

The Last Round is made out of 100% plant based and sustainable materials. It contains 7 reusable rounds that are good for 1,000 uses or more. That means each round can be used approximately 150 times each! My initial reaction when I first pulled out The Last Round was that it felt a little rougher than my usual cotton rounds. As soon as I added water to it, it soften and plumped right up!

The Last Round can hold more water or product than your average cotton round. Make sure to squeeze out the excess water or just be mindful with how much product you put on your round. I use micellar water at the end of each day to clean my face in the evenings. The material on The Last Round was not rough and didn’t irritate my skin. In fact it cleaned just as good if not better than my typical cotton round with no shedding. When I was all done, I simply gave it a quick wash with antibacterial soap and let it dry.

After a bit of research, I had no idea the negative impact cotton products had on our environment. Products from The Last Object helped gauge my perspective with the amount of waste I create on single use products & gave me an extra push to re-evaluate what I use on a daily basis.

Video Credit: The Last Object
Check out The World Counts for more information about environmental issues with cotton.

A Sustainable & Reusable Shopping Bag


The plastic bag issue is a big one. In fact, plastic bags are often difficult and expensive to recycle. The majority of the time they will end up in landfills, waterways and in the bellies of animals. On average a single family uses 1,500 plastic bags a year!!!! That means 100 billion bags are being used in America alone! Jaw dropping–-I know!

Reusable bags have become a normal part of our daily routine, especially since I live in a state where a plastic bag ban is in effect. I use typical canvas bags that can be washed; but honestly they don’t hold as much, if not less, than single-use plastic bags. When Baba Bags appeared on my radar, I instantly fell in love not only with the bag itself, but for everything they stand for and their charitable give back.

Baba Bags are a strong and sturdy bag handmade in Ukraine. Not only do they eliminate the use of plastic bags; but they are unique in appearance, eco-friendly and affordable. Baba Bags can easily be folded up and tucked any where, from your purse or even glove compartment taking up minimal space. Yet they fit 3x as much as I would be able to fit in my ordinary canvas bags. These durable bags can hold an impressive 120 lbs and has a lifetime warranty.

Video Credit: Baba Bags

Baba Bags are machine washable and dry quickly when hung to dry. They are made out of sustainable cotton and with each bag purchased $2 is donated to either National Pediatric Cancer Foundation or the Action Against Hunger.

I recently took Baba Bags for a test run and I was able to fit all of my groceries in 2 bags!!! Usually I would use 8 canvas bags to fit all my groceries! This meant less trips up and down the stairs to bring in the groceries–WIN!– The handles are comfortable to hold, and they have a great stretch to allow a larger capacity.

Durability, compact, large capacity AND charitable give back; what’s not to love about Baba Bags!!

What are your favorite ways to live sustainably? Leave your comments below!

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