Wine and Spirits For The Health Conscious

Wine and Spirits for the Health Conscious--FitVit Wine -- Ah-So Wine -- Batiste Rhum

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It’s the time of the year again, the kids are back to school and life begins to calm down a bit. My whole family begins to fall into a routine, and soon enough, our household starts to run like a well-oiled machine.

It’s in those moments, and with small personal victories, that we deserve a little reward for ourselves. For me, that usually means my favorite meal and a delicious glass of wine.

FitVine Wine Sauvignon Blanc and Rose

I’m been trying to make healthier choices when it comes to my diet, including my indulgences. Have you heard about FitVine Wine? I noticed it while picking up a few groceries at Fresh Thyme market, and instantly became intrigued. FitVine Wine was created by a group of friends that had a passion for great wine and a healthy lifestyle. Most of FitVine Wines average less than 1.0g of sugar per liter or 0.01g – 0.09g per 5oz glass. The wines are also vegan and gluten-free.

FitVine Wine is also a great option for my husband, who is pre-diabetic and needs to carefully watch his sugar intake. It’s alarming how much sugar can be found in our favorite wines, making them much unhealthier than we believe them to be. I was really skeptical about a “healthy” wine, but FitVine Wine pleasantly exceeded my expectations.

FitVine Wine Rose

FitVine Rose’ tasted very refreshing and crisp, with notes of raspberry, rose, and strawberry. The subtle fresh fruit flavors of this wine are very delicious, definitely one of my favorites!

FitVine Sauvignon Blanc has a clean, crisp taste that I really enjoyed, as well. This tasted slightly more exotic to me, with hints of passion fruit and peach. I really enjoy the refreshing and light flavors of FitVine Wines. Each blend is very unique, with a clean and well-crafted taste.

Ah-So Rose Wine

Looking for a portable option? Bringing a bottle of wine to a bonfire, picnic, or lazy day on the lake isn’t always convenient. Ah-So Rose’ Wine is an easy way to take along a delicious and healthier wine option.

I was interested to learn what makes Ah-So a healthier choice when making wine selection. It turns out that the Ah-So vineyard is farmed using only organic viticulture! I also think it’s great that no herbicides, fertilizers, or synthetic chemicals are ever used in the production process.

Ah So Rose Wine

The name might be a little silly, but it is actually named after a two-pronged wine opener. The name just adds to the uniqueness of Ah-So!

At first sip, I could instantly taste the delicate notes of fresh citrus fruits, followed by hints of watermelon and raspberry. Very refreshing! I also aappreciate that Ah-So Rose’ is portable, delicious, and natural. Perfect for taking some along on camping trips or providing to guests at backyard gatherings.

Bastiste Rhum Gold and Silver

If Spirits and liquors are more your style, I would highly recommend Bastiste Rhum. Until discovering Bastiste, I never thought that liquors could be produced in a healthy or Eco-conscious way.

Bastiste Rhum strives to make a clean and natural rum, made from freshly pressed cane sugar and distilled at an Eco-friendly facility. The plant also recycles all leftovers.

Both Gold and Silver blends are made from only three ingredients: sugar cane juice, yeast, and water. I love the purity of this product, making it superior above many other brands.

Bastiste Rhum

I hope you’ve enjoyed these options for a healthier cocktail and wine selection. I think it’s very important to support great companies, like these, that take great pride in creating a high quality product for consumers.

What healthy options have you discovered and enjoyed? I’d love to hear your discoveries in the comments!


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Wine and Spirits For The Health Conscious

Wine and Spirits For The Health Conscious

Wine and Spirits For The Health Conscious Wine and Spirits For The Health Conscious Wine and Spirits For The Health Conscious

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