Whole Family Protection

Whole Family Protection

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Being a technology junkie at times, we have to have the whole family protection from the harsh rays of electromagnetic Radiation or EMF. This Defender Shield blocks virtually 100% of these rays. This will help with the EMF laptops, tablets and cell phones.

The cell phone radiation case ranges from $84.99 to $94.99 and right now you can save any where from $20 dollars to $40 dollars on your iphone or Galaxy phone case.

You are going to be protected from ELF Extremely Low Frequency radiation, WiFi Radiation, BlueTooth Radiation, and Cellular Radiation. The Faux leather makes your phone stylish too.

Radiation Protection

The next shield case is one that anyone that has a laptop and wants to be protected can get.

The defenderpad laptop radiation and heat shield is able to block 100% of the radiation and reduces the heat emitted from the laptop and comes in three different colors.

Case On

The last defender shield that I am going to talk about is the tablet and iPad EMF radiation protection case.

Now, there are two different case sizes one is 7”-8” the second one is the 9”-10” case that is applicable for just about any tablet case. This case provides radiation protection that I see would be great for any child to have and to be able to protect them. Josiah got a tablet, well kindle fire HD 7” for Christmas and I want to protect him from all the radiation that the table gives off. While the 9′ – 10 case I have is for the iPad, I am able to attach the case to Josiah tablet and he is fully protected from the radiation. The durable exterior will stand up to the wear and tear of active children.

If I want to connect my iPad to the defender shield case, it is very easily achieved even with my OtterBox case on still! This is so great that the bands that connect the device are able to stretch that much.

Safe Radiation Protection

So when your children or yourself is using electronics, how you are going to be protected and protect your family from radiation that our electronic devices send off?

Head over to DEFENDER SHIELD to select your style.


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