Valentine’s Day Beauty Picks Just For You

Valentine's Day Beauty Picks Just For You
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Valentine’s Day is tomorrow! In my part of the country we are getting slammed with snow, and maybe ice/sleet for the next two days. Hubby and I went out for our Valentine’s Day dinner tonight to avoid the headache of the weather tomorrow. A Mally Beauty Lip Color and Soap & Paper Factory Solid Perfume in Bella are tucked safely into my purse for quick touch-ups throughout the evening as needed.

Mally Beauty Liquid Lipstick and H3 Lip Glosses, Soap & Paper Factory Solid Perfume in Bella

The lip color on the left is Mally Beauty High Shine Liquid Lipstick in Blossom. This is an all-in-one applicator, just twist the bottom to squeeze the lip color up through the bristles to apply.

The two other lip colors are Mally Beauty H3 Lipglosses in Simmering nude (center) and Tea Rose (right). These have the twist off caps with wands that dip into the lip color. According to the Mally website product page the H3 stands for “hydration, hydration, hydration.” I can say from using their lip colors for a little while now that they definitely deliver on that!

Mally Beauty Liquid Lipstick in Blossom and H3 Lip Glosses in Shimmering Nude and Tea Rose

All three of these lip colors glide on super smooth and don’t leave a sticky feeling behind on my lips. I happen to love all three of the shades shown here since I prefer a nude or lightly colored lip versus a bright shade. They make my lips look full and shimmery, just right! This product is great for everyday use for beautiful, soft, shimmering lips.

The H3 Lipglosses are available in six shades: Shimmering Nude (pictured here, center), Sweet Peach, Tea Rose (pictured here, right), Perfect Nude, Orchid Berry and Pink Daisy.

Use the Store Locator on the Mally Beauty website to find retailers near you.

Soap & Paper Factory Solid Perfume in BellaI have been sorely lacking in the perfume department recently. I have used up all of the other brands of perfume that I own. So, I was happy to try this one out. I am especially enchanted with the fact that the Soap & Paper Factory Solid Perfume (shown here in their Bella scent) comes in this beautiful little (and super slim) compact tin that I can slip into my pocket or purse and have at my fingertips at a moment’s notice. This is really nice to have when I’m away from home and want to apply more perfume since I don’t have to worry about offending anyone by spraying it into the air.

This scent features Bergamot, Grapefruit and Black Pepper. The company’s product page states,

“Bella is Uplifting and totally citrusy!  So fresh, just like BELLA. Bella is boxed, and is .5 ounces, and is available in Soap, Hand Cream, and a Tin Candle.”

I am having a fun time exploring their website and learning about their available scents as well as the variety of products they offer. You can find candles, diffuser and room sprays, potpourri and oils as well as some body care items that feature their signature scents.

Please visit the Mally Beauty and Soap & Paper Factory websites and peruse their awesome products. Which one(s) can’t you wait to try?

To find Soap & Paper Factory retailers in your area, check out their Store Locator.

Check out the websites for these products and let me know what products you are just dying to try!

Connect with Mally Beauty: Website | Facebook | Twitter | Instagram | Pinterest | YouTube

Connect with Soap & Paper Factory: Website | Facebook | Twitter | Pinterest

Shops these items: Mally Beauty | Soap & Paper Factory | Ulta | Walmart | Target

Disclaimer: I received the products shown free of charge to facilitate review. No other compensation was received. All opinions are 100% my own.



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