Unique Home And Garden Decor

It’s stressful being a single mom. Not only that, I’m doing all of this on my own. I am raising a teen with Autism and have no help. But, I keep going. I only focus on what I can control, which is our own happiness. I love being a homeowner. We’ve been living in our own place for almost a year now. Over the last year, I’ve been decorating and making it ours. Looking for unique home and garden decor? We found the cutest garden gnomes and unique art prints!

Unique Home And Garden Decor
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We’ve been living here for almost a year and I have yet to add my own touch to our outdoor area. My balcony was being renovated for about 5 months! Now that I have a beautiful and updated balcony, I want to add chairs and a small table to sit and enjoy the weather!  Many of my neighbors store their barbecue, bird feeders, plants, flags, and other decorations. The garden gnomes I found are fun and add personality wherever you decide to put them! 

Let me show you which ones I chose and why! Of course, there are many more that I love! They offer so many to choose from, I really do think the Garden Gnomes make the perfect gift for any occasion! Keep in mind, the garden gnomes can be featured inside and outside your home. 

How to add Unique Home And Garden Decor

The Gnome-aste garden gnome

Add zen

Being a huge fan of yoga and pilates, it was only fitting that I add The Gnome-aste garden gnome to our home! I couldn’t decide if I should keep him inside and display him to remind me to stay calm and peaceful. However, I decided to have him sit on my porch. He is sitting close to my front door! Either way, any visitor or delivery person who sees him will definitely smile and be reminded to breathe! 

The Gnome-aste doorstep view

Lastly, every time we step out on our porch or come home, we see The Gnome-aste garden gnome! He is a cute reminder to stay positive and not stress out. 

The Selfie Sisters garden gnome

Choose cuteness

In this day and age of cell phones, I couldn’t pass up on The Selfie Sisters garden gnome. I know I love taking selfies! I keep these two on my stairs. If anything, they definitely bring a smile to whoever sees them posing for a selfie! 

The Surprise Welcome Home garden gnome

I wanted a fun way to “welcome†anyone and everyone to our door! The Surprise! Welcome Home garden gnome is unique! I have her situated on my stairway. 

Selfie Sisters and Welcome Home gnomes on stairs

She is the first garden gnome you see when you look up my stairs. As you can see, I have both The Surprise! Welcome Home garden gnome and The Selfie Sisters garden gnome sitting on my stairway! 

The Unicorn Attack Garden Gnomes

Add humor to your doorstep

Being a unicorn admirer, I couldn’t pass up on The Unicorn Attack Garden Gnomes. I just love how funny and unique the garden statue is! I have it sitting on my doorstep across my door. Either way, anyone who visits will see The Unicorn Attack Garden Gnomes.

The Unicorn Attack Garden Gnomes head on

I am so excited to add the garden gnomes to our outdoor area! For now, I have them at my doorstep and on my stairway! My cool garden gnomes greet our visitors and they leave with a smile! 

Nightmare art prints

Add art

While I am thrilled to decorate the outside of our home, I am always looking to decorate our walls with beautiful art! I adore the love story of Jack and Sally. Two completely opposite people who complement each other, who care for each other, who look out for each other. 

I received the Nightmare Pumpkin Patch, Nightmare, and Nightmare Boogie. 

I plan on getting frames and hanging these beautiful prints in our family room or dining room. My work space is at my dining table and I have an empty wall behind me. I can easily hang them there. I also have our family room and entryway to add art to! We have an open floor plan where our home opens to our family room, dining room, and kitchen! So, I have plenty of options on where to display our art! 

If you like unicorns and butterflies, you can see other pieces I received! I love how whimsical and delicate they are. 

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Stephanie is a full time single mom to a teen with Autism. She is a homeowner and starting a new chapter! Feel free to contact Stephanie for more information on how she can help your company.

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