Two Brands We Just Discovered And We’re Hooked

Two Brands We Just Discovered And We’re HookedBeauty Brite Disclosure

We just discovered two brands that we love and are bursting at the seams to share what we think!

I am not the type to keep up with the latest brands and the hottest products. Before I started Beauty Brite, I only bought our health and beauty products from stores and a few times online. I only heard about the newest products from television commercials and ads I saw online.

Today, we share with you two brands that are new to us and perhaps new to you!

Marc Anthony argan oil hair products

First, is the Marc Anthony argan oil hair products.

I have tried a few argan oil hair care products and loved them. They always made my hair so soft and shiny! Argan oil alone is great as a leave-in conditioner.

The Marc Anthony Nourishing Argan Oil of Morocco Sulfate Free Shampoo and Nourishing Argan Oil of Morocco Sulfate Free Conditioner are a completely new experience for me!

When using the Nourishing Argan Oil of Morocco Sulfate Free Shampoo and Nourishing Argan Oil of Morocco Sulfate Free Conditioner together, my hair feels so soft and smooth after one use. I shower in the evening and allow my hair to air dry. By the next morning, I noticed how soft my hair felt! Not only does my hair feel softer but looks so much healthier even though it’s been a few years since I’ve had my hair cut.

Marc Anthony Oil Of Morocco Argan Oil Dry Styling Oil

I adore using the Oil Of Morocco Argan Oil Dry Styling Oil to help tame any frizz or help with my split ends. I also like to spritz on the oil after a workout when I need to smooth my hair out!

The oil goes on dry and does not feel greasy at all. Although it will feel a bit greasy if you use too much, which I did the first time I used it. The oil is so lightweight that you don’t feel it on your hair.

Marvis Toothpaste

Second, is the Marvis Toothpaste!

Oral health is so important to us and since we do not have dental insurance again, I always make sure we are brushing our teeth twice a day and buying quality toothpaste.

I am so thrilled to share a brand that is new to us! Honestly, I’ve never heard of it as I tend to stick with the two major brands you can find at any store. I also stay away from whitening toothpastes because I’ve tried them and they always make my teeth and mouth so sensitive to cold foods!

Don’t get me wrong, I want whiter teeth but the other brand of toothpastes make my teeth so sensitive.

Do you have the same problem?

If so, Marvis Toothpaste may be a great alternative for you! Not only does Marvis Toothpaste whitens the teeth, but also tastes delicious! Like the major brands, it also protects teeth from decay, tarter and plaque!

I was lucky enough to receive Cinnamint and Amarelli Licorice to try! Both are very unique and different in taste! They have a nice scent without the overpowering taste. I find that my mouth feels clean and the freshness actually lasts!

I was worried that the Amarelli Licorice would taste too much like licorice but it has a slight taste with lots of freshness to it. I love the Cinnamint as the mint just lingers in my mouth and I feel so clean!

There you have it! Two brands we couldn’t wait to share with you.

Have you heard of Marvis Toothpaste or Marc Anthony argan oil hair care products? Have you tried either?

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  1. stacy creed says

    These products look awesome !

  2. I’m been a Colgate girl all my life, but lately I’ve been looking for a new toothpaste to try. I love the retro look of these Marvis tubes.

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