The in-laws arrived

The in-laws arrived two nights ago.  They were staying with us for two nights while they were waiting for the movers to unload the U-Haul.  They moved to SC two years ago and we moved to another city here in NC.  They decided to move back to NC and now they live a few doors down.

The movers will be unloading the U-Haul today.  Then they get to unpack and get settled in.  We were moved in last week and have been unpacking and trying to get everything settled in its place.

We are excited that they are back in NC and so are they.  It helps to have family nearby.  We especially need their help with transportation here and there.  My son is still in school and his last day in June 11th.  They are helping to get him to and from school when my husband works.  Thankfully, my husband has been picking up additional hours at work.  The extra hours are definitely needed to help pay bills.

Next year, my son will be attending a new school.  He is in the exceptional children’s class, so we had to make sure he was registered to attend the right school for his special needs.  The new school is an elementary and middle school on one campus.  The school looks beautiful!  He will also take the bus to and from school.

Do you live near family?  How far away do you live from your in-laws?  Do you get along with them?

My family lives on the West Coast and I miss them dearly.  I last visited my family in October of 2010 for my Grandpa’s funeral.  It was great to see my family, but also very sad to see my Grandpa after 10 years of being away.

I would love to move back to the West Coast, but unfortunately, I do not see that happening any time soon.  For now, I have to deal with living on the East Coast.

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  1. Maria Iemma says

    I am very lucky to live near family although my in-laws are no longer in this earth my sister-in-law is two miles away and I have nieces and nephews in the are as well. I am blessed to have them and emotionally support me now that I am widowed

  2. Rachel Simons says

    My in-laws live about 500 miles from us, I get a long with them. They are lovely in small doses and my husband will agree to that. I live about 15 mins from my mom, brothers and sisters and other which I love.
    Glad you are settling in ok and that your son is going to a good school that cater for his SN.

  3. Heather says

    My mother in law lives in the same town, but its like pulling teeth to get her to do anything with the kids. Its nice to have involved in laws, probably makes paying a babysitter a little easier too.

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