My Saving Grace For Fresh Smelling Laundry

My Saving Grace For Fresh Smelling Laundry - Febreze In Wash Odor Eliminator


After traveling most of the Summer I have finally returned home. I will finally be staying home for a few weeks and catching up on household chores. Laundry happens to be the most daunting task — it never ends! Laundry piles quite literally give me nightmares because there never seems to be an end in sight or enough hours in my day!

I want to have clean, fresh laundry but, let’s face it, I do not always have time to wait for the appropriate part of the wash cycle to add in fabric softener or other additives. I need a solution to help cut time without giving up my dream of fresh smelling laundry!

Febreze is my saving grace for keeping my home smelling fresh and clean, in general. So, why not extend that to include my laundry, as well?… [read more]