Summer Makeup Line Up

This summer, Hard Candy Cosmetics has you covered!

Hard Candy Cosmetic collection

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This summer Hard Candy will have you looking like a bronzed babe!

In todays line up, I have GLOW All the way Skin Luminizer in Glamazon Bronze, Brows Now Brow Kit in Medium Dark, Brow Ink in Medium Dark, and Velvet Mousse Matte lipstick color in Dahlia. Prices range from $6-$8.

We’ll start with the GLOW All the way in Glamazon Bronze.

Hard Candy Cosmetic collection

The first time I used this, I applied a little all over my face. Don’t do it! I don’t know what I was thinking. I think I was just excited that I was about to head to the beach and I had just woke up. After I took it off, I just applied it to the areas of my face that the sun naturally bronzes my skin. I seriously still laugh at myself when I think about what it did. Anyways, just apply a little bit along my hairline on my forehead, along my cheek bones and my temples.

Then when it comes to your brows, they have this sweet brow kit that has everything you need!

Hard Candy Cosmetic collection

This brow kit comes with two shades of brown that you can use to customize your shade of brown or if either of the brown fits you perfectly, you can use them on its own. It also contains a highlighter, a soft brow wax, a mirror, an angled brow brush and a blending brush. All for only $7! You can’t beat that!

If you want your eyebrows even more on point? They even make an eyebrow long wearing ink.

Hard Candy Cosmetic collection

There’s two different shades: light medium and medium dark. I have the one in medium brown. It’s a gel-like formula that instantly defines your eyebrows. The henna fruit nourishes your brow hair while keeping your brows in place for up to 24 hours. It’s also waterproof so you can definitely sport this out at the pool or beach.

The last thing I have is the Velvet Mousse Matte lipsticks color in Dahlia.

Hard Candy Cosmetic collection

I never leave the house without something on my lips and lately I’ve been wearing matte liquid lips. If you’re going to be outside in the heat, you don’t want to worry about having to reapply your lipstick. I drink a ton of water when I’m at the beach or pool, so my lips are constantly touching the rims of water bottles. The last thing I want to do is worry if my lip color is fading.

As the name states, it feels like velvety when you apply the wand to your lips and it’s not drying. This matter lip color actually hydrates your lips which is a plus!

I chose the color Dahlia because it’s an everyday color that I can wear. It’s neutral and I can even wear it to work in my uniform.

Hard Candy Cosmetic collection

The Hard Candy collection is availabe exclusively at Walmart.

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You’ll find some great looks that they have created and their fans.

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