Stunning Eyewear That Protects Your Vision With Style

With 2020 behind us, it is time to keep pushing forward with positivity. With our social and work environment constantly changing, the need to adapt has been incredibly important. Since taking care of our health is a top priority during this unprecedented time, we can not forget about our vision health.

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Social ‘gatherings‘ and work ‘meetings‘ have been taking place at home with the use of computer screens and our eyes have been taking a beating. From headaches, sleepless nights, and even blurred vision; it’s time to protect those peepers with gorgeous style!

Gorgeous Sunglasses For Outdoor Adventures

I LOVE a good pair of sunglasses. Not only do they take your outfit to the next level of style; but they also protect your vision from damage that UVA & UVB rays can cause to your light sensitive retinas.

So what exactly can sunlight do to our eyes? Over time the UV rays can cause blurred vision, light sensitivity and even vision loss. Some of the most common issues are cataracts, macular degeneration and even cancer. To help protect our vision, wearing sunglasses can help keep these issues from happening. Sunglasses allow us to enjoy the beautiful outdoors not only with the protection needed, but with so much style.

TopFoxx has gorgeous sunglasses that have the look and feel of designer glasses but without the ridiculous price tag. I have been rocking my favorite pair, ‘Coco‘ in the color ‘Faded Tortoise‘, and I can not begin to tell you the amount of compliments I have received.

TopFoxx’s ‘Coco‘ sunglasses are high quality sunglasses that have a good weight behind them. They do no feel cheap or flimsy, but rather very solid and sturdy. The gold embellishments are not glued on, but instead screwed in for a solid look. The attention to detail is definitely not lost with TopFoxx‘s sunglasses. They are comfortable to wear, does not leave any marks on your nose and can compliment just about any face shape.

Stylish Blue Light Blockers For Work

Like the majority of people, working from home has become the new normal. I find myself spending close to (if not over) 8 hours a day staring at a computer screen and my eyes are exhausted. Blue light blocking glasses have been a huge help this past year. They have helped reduce the amount of headaches and with general eye fatigue. Blue light blocking glasses have helped me get through my work load without having the need to take as many breaks.

What exactly can ‘blue light’ do to our vision? Blue light can be found just about anywhere. It can be emitted from the sun, florescent light blubs and of course our computer screens. With prolonged exposure to blue light, it can lead to digital eye strain that causes headaches and eye fatigue. It can also reduce the amount of natural melatonin your body creates making it difficult to get a good nights sleep.

The Anti Blue Light Glasses by TopFoxx are perfect for those long hours in front of a computer screen. There are so many different styles and shapes to choose from, so it was easy to pick out something that was suited to my face shape. The Stella has a stylish, slightly oversized look that I loved! I was able to wear them comfortably for over 8 hours with no redness or sliding on my nose. The shape was complimentary to my oval face and I loved the pop of color the frames added to my outfits.

The Anti Blue Light Glasses by TopFoxx do not have any prescription in the lenses, so these would be ideal for contact lens wearers or individuals who do not need corrective lenses.

Which was your favorite pair of glasses from TopFoxx?

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