Sticking to the Basics with Toddler Fun

Sticking to the Basics with Toddler Fun

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As a mom of 4, I am so very guilty of over thinking on what activities would be “fun” for my toddlers and I am sure I am not the only one who feels this way. I find myself constantly searching the internet for toddler fun and fun toddler activities in my area or pinning a million posts on my Pinterest account that I know, I probably won’t ever go back and look at. It’s a shame truly because the ideas are amazing but the motivation to round up all of the supplies necessary just isn’t there to complete such an elaborate task. Not to mention toddlers attention span lasts a lot less than the time it takes to round up and prepare for some activities but I desperately try to eliminate screen time as much as I can in our technology-filled world. That’s not to say they don’t get any screen time because they do, but I try to feed their minds in others ways as well. That is why I took a step back and reevaluated what else I could do that would be fun for toddlers and the answer is, sticking to the basics! Crayons, markers, stickers, and paper. It really is that simple.

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You can pick up crayons, markers, stickers, and paper at pretty much every store you shop at. Supermarkets, pharmacies, dollar stores, craft stores, etc. They sell everything separate or even in $1 little pouches for on the go that include everything you need already in the package. For me, I like to work on multiple skills at once while sticking to the basics so my toddler doesn’t even realize they are working on skills they will need later in life which is why Ooly is my go-to brand when it comes to some of my basic supplies.

Some of our favorite things do is to draw something and copy each other to see who can make the drawing better or what creative touches we can add onto what someone else drew. I also like to give my 4-year-olds the task of only drawing using certain letters or certain shapes (they must make their entire picture using these shapes or letters only). Sometimes we work on emotions by drawing what we think people look like when they feel a certain way or even drawing what happens at events like parties or at the library (balloons, cake, books, the librarian shooshing people, that type of thing). It really makes them think outside of the box and encourages creativity. Something this simple can keep them entertained for hours but at the ages of 4 and 2, sometimes they need a little bit of help getting started and then the ideas start flowing. Give your child an idea of what to draw and watch their imagination go to work!

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As I have mentioned before, my son has gross motor and fine motor delays which can make accomplishing basic tasks a little harder for him. There’s nothing wrong with that though and we work diligently on improving these skills. Funny enough though, your child doesn’t have to have really noticeable delays to need to work on these skills. They are the building stones to accomplishing what our bodies are intended to do, whether it be writing, playing sports, putting items together such as that daunting IKEA furniture, and so much more.

Ooly Little Artist Coloring Set

They actually has a great Little Artist Coloring Super Set that comes with pads of paper, dual-tipped ice cream scented washable markers, crayons, large eraser, and chunkies paint sticks. The crayons aren’t just your normal crayons though and the paint markers aren’t either. The crayons in this set come in this neat “swirl” design as well as in the shape of a Star. They are fun to look at for sure which piques interest all on its own BUT they also help work on little one’s pincer grasping and proper pencil holding skills. The crayons are also erasable which is a huge YES in my little world of motherhood. Before I found this set, the magic eraser may have had to come out a few more times than I would have liked.

Ooly Pincer Grasping

Ooly’s Chunkies Paint Sticks are also included in the Little Artist Coloring Super Set bundle and I really like these because for starters they aren’t overly messy like other paint markers I have used in the past but they also have a different “texture” to them? When writing with the Ooly Chunkies Paint Sticks it almost feels like you are drawing with lipstick and I don’t know if you have ever written with lipstick but there is something overly satisfying about that and kids absolutely love the sensory input from it. The fact that Chunkies Paint Sticks don’t leave residue on your hand while coloring and that they don’t smear all over the place, as well as the fact they dry quickly, has made them one of the main items I grab these days to occupy my toddlers.

Ooly Chunkies Paint Sticks

Don’t be fooled though, Ooly’s maybe my go-to brand but that doesn’t mean we don’t use the traditional route of crayons, paints, and accessories we find at our local craft store. Simplicity is best no matter what brand you use, where you buy, how expensive or cheap the item was, etc. We have a craft drawer full of different brands, items we like to use, styles of design and yes brands too. There’s no bias here. In fact, one of my other favorite things to pick up is the $1 pouches I mentioned before that have everything you need all in the one pouch. This little pouch is great when I need to accomplish something, like this blog post for example, and cannot necessarily keep them focused on the task at hand. Everything they need for ideas is already in the pouch.

As parents, caregivers, aunts, uncles, or whoever you may be to the toddler in your life, let’s stop wasting time looking for Toddler Fun activities/games and spend more time sticking to the basics and with these kids that just grow way too quickly.

The Ooly items I mentioned in this post can be found on both Amazon. I would definitely encourage you to check out the other items they provide because their products are very high quality and last a VERY long time. There are literally so many different gift sets to pick from or even just the individual items themselves to purchase.

I have only found the Little Artist Coloring Super Set  on Ooly’s website, however, if you are interested in other components of the set that I mentioned you can find them listed Below:

Chunkies Paint Sticks: Amazon : Ooly
Left Right Crayons (the swirled crayons): Amazon : Ooly
Star of the Sea Crayons: Amazon : Ooly
Double Dip Ice Cream Scented Markers: Amazon : Ooly

I also want to take a moment and give a shout out to Ooly for making such creative tools that come in handy for toddler fun! I know my littles ones have had a blast and ooly is a brand we are constantly grabbing when it comes time to work on some arts and crafts. Can’t wait to place an order of more goodies to try!

What are your favorite Toddler Fun activities?

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